Just got back from having breakfast with my son, where among other things we discussed, the choice of weapons for a zombie apocalypse arose. We agreed that bladed weapons were preferable to rifles/guns, but we both wanted shotguns, pump action preferred. Though for different reasons. I wanted stopping power and  the ability, in case surrounded, to inflict maximun damage. He agreed, but also because it is a disposable weapon, due to the fact that most households that own guns have shotguns. Easier to get ammo for, easier to find, not to big a loss if you have to abandon.

     So, what do you think. What weapon would you want in the coming apocalypse? This is just for fun, so the skies the limit. But ready to defend your choice. Enjoy.

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Have you played the game Left For Dead?

I like the weapons used in this game. I usually go for the shotgun.

Thanks, Steph. Will get this info to my son. He loves these kind of games. We both enjoy zombies, and watch Walking Dead. That's what got us on the discussion today. You know, it is so enjoyable when your relationship with your offspring goes to friend/friend as an adult. Yeah, I'm still his father, but in a more advisory role as an older adult. I just love it. And, we still have alot of things in common. Just so damn cool! Thanks again for the link. Be well.

There is a Walking Dead game too! I just love the show and the comics! I love Zombies!

I'm with ya', sister. Zombies are just cool!

Portal gun.

Yeah! I love Portal! Very cool game!

Okay, old school, the BFG 9000.




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