Climate sceptics 'capture' the Bloggies' science category

Ever since 2001, blogs have had their own opportunity to have their moment in the spotlight and chance to bath in adulation. The Weblog Awards – or "Bloggies", as they're more affectionately known...

Founder Nikolai Nolan admits that climate sceptic bloggers have pushed out 'legitimate' science blogs from his awards

I find it strange that, despite acknowledging the obvious problems, he seems reluctant to fix them. After all, the reputation of his long-running awards is at real risk.

You clearly can't stop online votes being gamed – or, to use the jargon, "freeped" – if a particular interest group is determined enough to ensure a certain outcome. (In 2010, the managing editor of Scientific American website said he was "horrified" by Watts Up With That's efforts to "co-opt" of one of his site's online polls.)

... you know you have a real problem on your hands when one of the shortlisted bloggers lets the cat out of the bag by asking his readers – in a display of undemocratic pleading that would even shame election officials in North Korea – to ask his followers to "vote often". [emphasis mine]

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Thanks Ruth - I didn't know about this. Checking the link.

Why can't he move those blogs to the fiction section of the contenders, where they belong?




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