I could list quite a few websites I really love. Geeks are sexy, io9, cheeseburger for lol cats and I could list more. However, I'd love to see what you all like to visit. So please share your websites!

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Well, i like sites such as "somuchpun" "failbook" "xkcd.com" "cad-comic" and many other Internet meme websites. I also spent a shit load of time on wikipedia as I mentioned before. And google is my friend, I usually start learning about stuff from wikipedia, then to the original source material, then look for criticisms etc. 

So my "normal" fixed addresses are mostly for humor, I love XKCD.com a lot, I could marry a stick figure because of that site. And I also spent an inordinate amount of time on websites related to Magic the Gathering.

I embrace and cherish my inner nerd, internet is my feeding ground :D

Yeah I love the Internet too! Cool websites! I love Wikipedia too and visit it daily. Thanks!

Didn't know this group existed!


Some of mine:




I just created this group. Thanks Scott!

Well done Sir! +100 Internets.

Are you perhaps the kind of nerd/geek that has a tendency to want to break apart anything that doesn't work? These websites seem to show that you care a lot about how stuff works, so it seems as though you are the kind of "engineering" nerd.

Engineering degree..


I've loved taking things apart since I was little.  Sometimes I might even put them back together.

Yes, cookie for me!

It's difficult though, to be motivated to put something back together once you figure out how something works. It is way cooler to make something new and exciting with the components.

Absolutely!  Wish I was rich and could quit my job to become a mad scientist.  Something like "The Brain" from "Pinky and the Brain".

I loved that show! I own the Pinky and the Brain DVDs!

Dropping the Science at Cheezburger.

I love Chemistry cat!



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