What sends your evil dark geek hearts all a flutter?



- Figuring out how something works and thinking about how to make it work better or different.

- Anything hacking. Hardware or software. Good or evil.

- Astrophysics, cosmology, quantum anything.  Though most of it goes way over my head if they start talking formulas.  I could listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson talk for hours on end.

- Green tech.

- Board gaming.  If you have ever played Power Grid, you understand. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2651/power-grid

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I love Science/Technology -- especially Biological Sciences -- but any kind of science I love.

I love computers and gadgets (iPad, iPhone, etc.) I have built my own PC's and I also use a Mac as well. 

I love gaming -- when I have the time. I used to play a lot of WOW -- when time permitted. I play Left 4 Dead on Steam when I have time. I have many Steam games and many iPad games.

Comics, Sci-fi/fantasy/action/horror TV and movies.

I love to read anything science related and Atheist books too.

I probably left something out -- so I'll come back to this later.

Never really played the MMO's.  Looks fun but I can't get past the monthly fees.


I've started reading a lot of atheist books lately.  Soooo many look interesting and I can only read so fast!

Right! Same here!

Yes Ruth makes lovely GIFs! Photoshop creations and all sorts of good things!

Books and all kinds of Japanese paraphernalia. *love love*

My cats are named Miso and Bonsai.  I've wanted to visit Japan for a really long time.  Used to watch a lot of anime but not as much anymore.  Cowboy Bebop is still my fav.


You should talk to Nerdlass.  She lives in Japan. 

Cool! I love cats!

If either of you make it here, while I live here, let me know. I'll try to meet up. If school's not in session, I can certainly show you around to some fun spots I know!

Maia, do you know Rilakkuma? It's a teddy bear line that is super-popular here. Very sweet and cute.

I wish I could have cats... apartment says no... but I have heard of cat cafes where you can love on kitties... I want to go!

That would be so awesome! 

How I wish!  Doubt it will happen any time soon if ever.

Not before now. They are crazy adorable!

Whoa, cat cafes? I'd like to see that!


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