What sends your evil dark geek hearts all a flutter?



- Figuring out how something works and thinking about how to make it work better or different.

- Anything hacking. Hardware or software. Good or evil.

- Astrophysics, cosmology, quantum anything.  Though most of it goes way over my head if they start talking formulas.  I could listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson talk for hours on end.

- Green tech.

- Board gaming.  If you have ever played Power Grid, you understand. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2651/power-grid

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I love history any kind. Can especially get my geek on when talking about medieval or Early Modern England or the 20th century due to my BA. 

Psychology, I love explaining to people how unreliable their senses are. ( I  literally just did this 1/2 hr ago, explaining why I think there are no such thing as ghosts). I blame Carl Sagan.

Anything to do with fantasy/horror books and movies (especially R. R Martin Song of Ice and Fire series).

Atheism or politics.

Anything to do with my new obsession -Bellydance

That is so cool Crazy Cat Lady! I love fantasy/horror movies too!

Psychology and history -- cool as well.

Do you take classes in bellydancing?

Yes, I have been doing it almost for a year now.  I am now up to 3 or 4 classes a week. We have a good instructor here.  Wish I could have got into sooner as it makes you feel great. Also good for building muscle. Plus you get to wear bling while you exercise. 

As for horror, I loved scary movies when I was a kid and starting reading horror when I was thirteen. I read some fantasy but my husband reads more. I like historical fiction too. 

Ah, a discussion about NerdPr0n? I suppose I could tag along.

- Astrophysics, just like Scott I could listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson (or Lawrence Krauss) talk for hours without ever getting bored.

- Magic the Gathering, I can think a whole day about how to improve my decks, think about mana curves, combo's, etc. I actually sometimes even play whole games in my head. Even though I only recently started (again) with the game I seriously think that I would know probably most cards by heart.  (there are around 20.000 individual unique cards....). Especially the mathematics of the game really interest me, there's math hidden everywhere in the game.

- History, although I could not tell you exactly how many troops died in which battle during the many wars of the 19th and 20th century I would probably be able to explain how these wars are connected and how the economic and social structure that supported western society has changed.

- Big freaking Mechanical things, Tanks, airplaines, spaceshuttles, rockets, you name it, I love it. If it's big, complicated and if it might say "BOOM" if things go right (or wrong) I'll probably be interested. Likewise I am quite a nerd in regards to weaponry, both ancient and modern technology does interest me. 

- Serial Killers, I like finding out how my brain "ticks", and one of the best ways to learn something is to find out how to break the system or how a problem arises/presents itself within the system. Serial killers are often very interesting in their pathology and behavior as well as that they can teach us a lot about our own behavior. 

I could continue....

Serial Killers...I have the book "Encyclopedia of Serial Killers" which I sometimes read when going to bed.

Me too, I have 2 Encyclopedias about Serial Killers and I too have often read them before going to bed, never lost a minute of sleep because of it. 

It's so cool to read these stories, because even the most bizarre behavior seems to have a logical explanation, and it often provides me with new insights in how my brain works.



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