What games do you enjoy playing, that your non-geek friends and acquaintances just don't get?

(And yes, there are many that don't require a computer or the internet! But computer games count too.)

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I enjoy Zendo -- it's a beautiful inductive logic game, loosely "Mastermind on steroids". One player has a secret rule which the others try to guess; they create sculptures ("koans") which are marked white if they follow the rule ("have the Buddha-nature"), black if not. In the example in this photo, one possible rule is "contains a non-red piece not touching the table".

It's difficult to see that in the koan in the upper right, the yellow pyramid is not touching the table; it's completely supported by the red pyramid.

You're right. I didn't see that the red one was holding the yellow one off of the table.

Cool game -- I might get this one.

There is/was a boxed set for Zendo, with pyramids, black and white stones, green stones ("guessing stones" you can earn that allow you to guess the secret rule), instructions, and a deck of suggestions for secret rules.

But you can get the pyramids (a.k.a. Icehouse pieces, Treehouse pieces, or Looney Pyramids) separately. I find small travel Othello (reversi) pieces, black on one side, white on the other, more convenient than black and white stones for indicating correctness of koans. And any other sort of chip or stone works for guessing stones.

Scrabble, also, either online or face-to-face. I'm nowhere near the level of the experts who study lists and hooks and anamonics, but I know a bit of strategy and enjoy using erudite words.

And I can stop whenever I want...

I enjoy Scrabble, though I haven't played it in ages.  Seems to me Yahoo used to have a version of it that you could play online, but it's long since gone, drat it!

I played that Yahoo game years ago! I just checked, and Literati at Yahoo Games is alive and well.


(or try this to bypass the initial ad: http://games.yahoo.com/games/login2?page=lt&ss=1 )

When I played Literati on an old, crappy computer, once upon a time, the computer hung up and I had to reboot and reconnect -- just before playing a bingo (using all seven letters in my rack for a significant bonus). That happened again in the same game. My opponent concluded I was a "faggot and a cheater", obviously using some sort of anagram generator that disrupted the internet connection.

Love that scrabble cat LOL! So cool! Yes impress your friends and use words like erudite!

I recently found this more accurate depiction of a Scrabble cat:

Callie had a difficult decision. Take advantage of the triple word score, or just pounce and send all the tiles flying?

I still DOOM now and then.  Helps me get my ya-ya's out, shooting the daylights outta mutants and like that there!  I'm so retro that I will occasionally fire up GZDoom (have to use that with Windows 7!) and tackle the original Doom and maybe take half an hour to wipe out all those levels (though I don't always go after that one hidden level).

Sometimes you just gotta stomp on the bad guys!

And a remark I made elsewhere reminds me - I should fire up DOSBox and see if I can get Inforcom's "Trinity" to work on it. I used to love those old text-based RPG games ... still do, really.

DOOM is an awesome game Loren!




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