What games do you enjoy playing, that your non-geek friends and acquaintances just don't get?

(And yes, there are many that don't require a computer or the internet! But computer games count too.)

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Hey Loren! I have Peggle Nights, Bejeweled too. I need to get Twist.

Oh yeah -- how can I forget Angry Birds!

Awesome games there! There are so many -- my list would be too long!

I just downloaded the iPad app for Bejeweled Twist -- now I think I have all of them

I don't exactly remember which version of Bejeweled I played, I just remember the lights and the noises. It remembers the noises, precious. Yes it does, does it not. Pretty, pretty lights...

Some pretty Bejeweled lights for you Rob!

I just spent 5 minutes explaining the awesomeness of Bejeweled to my girlfriend. I think I'll have to install this game again... must... fight ... urge.... 

I love Bejeweled and play it whenever I get a chance. Such a cool game.

Goodness. I grew up a gamer and long story short: tabletop and square-enix...

That said, these days, I play various smartphone/tab games, since they are quickly out and put away. Much easier with my lifestyle.

I got buckyballs for christmas! So happy. Lots of fun and they keep my hands busy. Love that.

I like card games, too, for when I'm with friends... Zombie Fluxx, Munchkin, Chez Geek. I want to get the Walking Dead boardgame soon. I had hopes to get it over the holidays but my 'ooh I like THIS' didn't ring loud enough. ;)

Yeah -- I also play iPhone and iPad games -- they have a bunch on iTunes.

I'll have to look into Buckyballs.

Walking Dead -- awesome! The show is great. I bet that game is really cool.

Buckyballs are the same as Neocube... Zen magnets. I'd forgotten about them, until Bionic Dance got some from one of her YT fans. I saw some at a mall with my brother, while I was in the states, and he saw how it piqued my interest. Come Christmas Day----!

Awh, Willow's Theme just came on. Was hoping it was Krull, but it's good, nonetheless! /soundtrack-geek

Geeky games? I play a lot of Scrabble and Mahjong.

Those are cool games Gwaithmir!

I love Mahjong - I play it on Steam. I have many different versions of the game on my iPad too.


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