What games do you enjoy playing, that your non-geek friends and acquaintances just don't get?

(And yes, there are many that don't require a computer or the internet! But computer games count too.)

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Dark Tower - looks cool. I'll look that one up too.

Nothing like geeking out with my friends for a good game of Talisman.  I have all 4 editions w/expansions.  My kids are finally old enough to appreciate it - but most of our friends just don't understand the draw to this one.

Wow - looks like an awesome and fun game. Is it kinda like Dungeons and Dragons? Looks very cool I might have to look into getting Talisman.

Yeah, it's on that idea, but rather than role-playing, you do what the squares / cards tell you. Lots of battling and dice rolling.  Kind of Monopoly meets D&D.  Be sure to get 4th edition and check out the expansions.  

Oh cool! Sounds like a lot of fun. Will try that out.

Talisman looks neat! Thanks for the pic.

I used to like playing lots of Role Playing Games and War Games, but now that I'm a mom I never seem to have the time. I'm so glad board games are really thriving right now. We play Settlers of Catan, where the object is to settle new land & build a little country.

My little girl likes Dungeon Quest, which is sort of like a paper analog version of an old 8 bit version of a classic D&D dungeon crawl, except competitive rather than cooperative. (As D&D really is a cooperative game at it's best, I think)

My favorite no-preparation beer & pretzels type game is Illuminati! which is a cad game where the players pretend to be different conspiracies.
It's crazy & fun to play with a small group.

hmm I'm relatively restricted to computer games (since most board games require more than one person and I'm on the road for work 99% of the time).  Once in awhile I'll play some MMORPGs or strategy games (Age of Empires or similar).  The only people who get that, are the ones who also play :) 




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