So tell me guys what OS do you use and why? i use both ubuntu (linux) and windows 7. But i use ubuntu more often. i only use windows to watch netflix and to use some hardware to it that ubuntu does not recognize. i like ubntu because is free, opensource and not as vulnerable to mallware as windows

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I'm running the 32-bit version of Windows 7, myself.  Of Microsoft's recent offerings, it is reasonably stable and robust, FAR better than Vista and perhaps even more so than XP, though I would have liked to try XP with a full gig of RAM available

I've fooled around with a couple different versions of Linux, mostly Knoppix and Ubuntu.  I tell myself that when I replace my current laptop, I'll load it with the latest version of Ubuntu and experiment a bit more.

did you have a bad experience with linux?

Not at all.  Mostly I just booted from the CD and fooled around a bit.  A company I worked for was considering using Red Hat as a platform for a new tester, and I got to play with one of the test bed computers a bit.  It was stable and easy to learn on, but then, I've got a fair amount of experience with Solaris from that same job, so dealing with the command line side of things was no big deal.

I suppose I'm used to Windows, though I have to say that the newer versions of MS Office are, to put it mildly, SCREWY!!!

well you can always use open source software on windows like open office or googles online alternative. 

oh and if you really like the look and feel of windows i will recommend zoris OS

it feels and looks like windows and with a few tweaks you can make it look just like windows

OS X (Snow Leopard & Lion) and Windows 7 Ultimate(64bit) on two Macs (triple booting). Ubuntu on an old PC just for internet browsing and GIMP for a 10 y/o.

Win 7 is just for gaming (SWTOR and Steam), so it's pretty stripped down (and still a resource hog!), to its credit though, it's the most usable Windows version I've ever (had to) use.

A few years ago I used to have an HP Compaq laptop for work, writing VoIp manuals for Bell Aliant, it used XP Pro. When I finished the contract, I wiped the drive, and installed Ubuntu, …then I wiped the drive and played with Hackintosh for a while, …that was the fastest that laptop ever ran. 

haha i love messing with computers too. i installed hackingtosh on a hp mini it was a pain at first but i did not enjoy the experience. it was to  laggy :/ probably get a mac mini later. right now i have a hp dv6 with a amd quad core chip but i need to over clock it. i know how to do it on windows i haven't done it on windows but i would like to know if the speed will stay the same in ubuntu when i reboot the computer and log in ubuntu

re: Hackintosh - HP

I have to admit, I lucked out. A lot of the hardware didn't need hacked kexts and plists as the ones on the OS were compatible with the Intel M chip, the nVidia graphics chip, etc even the Bluetooth chip! I did have to hack the wifi kext/plist, …I think.

Either way, I had more hardware working and it was a lot faster than with Ubuntu.

"right now i have a hp dv6 with a amd quad core chip but i need to over clock it. i know how to do it on windows i haven't done it on windows but i would like to know if the speed will stay the same in ubuntu when i reboot the computer and log in ubuntu" 

I could be wrong but I think you'll probably have to use a linux over-clocking app, unless you can do it pre-boot from BIOS. Easy enough to check though, …and keep an eye on temps(!)

im gonna try it because the chip is underclocked to 1.8 and it can be clocked to 2.5 but the advantage right know is the battery life 

Hey Richard I also have 2 desktop Macs with dual booting using OS X Snow Leopard and Windows XP and the other using OS X Lion and Windows 7. I have an old PC I built to play WOW on using an old Vista OS and Ubuntu. The 2 MacBooks have OS X Snow Leopard installed.

We have a 21" 3.06 ghz iMac and a 2.26 ghz Macbook, they're my S.O.'s, and both late '09 ...a little long in the tooth IMO, but I've maxed out the RAM in both, so they're still quite usable.

I sold my two Macs (17" MBP and a 24" iMac, w/a 24" external monitor) to finance my move to the US from Canada 2 years ago. The last two years are the longest I've gone without at least two Macs (of my own, y'know, …for ME ONLY! MINE!). I used to flip mine every year since the Intel Macs came out, sell them while warrantied and get a new one. It ended up being a cost efficient way to stay up to date, if you consider depreciation and TCO.

I'd seriously like one of the new Thunderbolt equip'd Macs, but this is probably at least a year or two away, family budget and all...

My S.O. wants a gaming PC for SWTOR, so that's the next one. Intel i7 and probably an nVidia card, I've been lurking on Newegg for deals...

So nice to talk to a Mac user. Just awesome. You have a good setup there.




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