So tell me guys what OS do you use and why? i use both ubuntu (linux) and windows 7. But i use ubuntu more often. i only use windows to watch netflix and to use some hardware to it that ubuntu does not recognize. i like ubntu because is free, opensource and not as vulnerable to mallware as windows

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I was a freelance Mac repair guy from the mid '90s until about '04. I used to buy/sell them as well and parts, especially in the early days of eBay. I even managed to find a guy in Detroit to make me proprietary RAM @ cheap, back when sticks of 128 mb RAM were going for $250 a pop, …made a killing selling it at half the going price.

Here's my old office/man-geek room circa 2001:

That is so cool!

I've got an iMac and a MacBook Pro both running OSX Snow Leopard..

That's awesome! Nice to meet another Mac user.

I'm running Windows 7 x64 on one machine and the Windows 8 Developer Preview on another, both of them are running cygwin, and I have various linux utilities compiled on top of that. I program alot, and most of the time I'm aiming at it being most compatible with Windows. I did use Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Yellowdog, even an LFS), but I found I only used Linux for some things (mostly bash and compiling things), and used Windows for everything else, so my current builds try to reflect that mash up of a little bit of bash with a whole lot of windows.

I'm jealous of you all.  I used to buy a new computer every 3 years, but my limited income means my iMac is 4.6 years old and can't run any newer OSX than Tiger (10.4.11).   I'm not likely to get a new computer for several years more.

Thanks! Youll get an awesome computer!

Windows 7 x 64, because I'm not computer geeky.

Ubuntu 11.10. Easiest Linux distro to use, and I need a terminal for computer science.

That's cool what is your major?




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