My nerd score was 92, when I took the "test" some months ago.

Nerd Quiz

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But I want to be a nerd!!! Waaaaahhhh!

You are a nerd! How's that cookie?

(Whimpering) It's a small comfort. Being called a nerd by you nerds makes me feel much better, so thanks. I think I am just a different type of nerd, and the nerd that came up with that test was such a nerd that he thought that only his type of nerds existed. Well I declare that we other nerds will no longer tolerate this kind of nerd-discrimination! We will rise up and make our nerdliness known to all! We will shout it from the mountaintops inundate the internet! Our voices will be heard! Our voices will come together as one, and we will suffer this nerdly tyranny no longer!

Hah, thanks Ruth!

Cool GIF Ruth!

Awesome GIF, Hakuna Matata! I think thats how it's spelled!

Haha, since you are upset that you are not a Nerd by these test standards, that obviously makes you one, as only a real nerd would complain about the test results with a complete in-depth explanation of what was factually wrong with the test. 

You Sir, are a Nerd! Have a cookie.

Lol, thanks Rob, I appreciate that. And thanks for the cookie. Mmm, white chocolate with macadamia nuts, my favorite! How did you know?

You're welcome!

Since the test drove you nuts, I thought it would be appropriate :)

So right Rob! Now have a cookie nerd!

Yeah, I would have to agree with Rob!




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