My nerd score was 92, when I took the "test" some months ago.

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You're right, there's a heavy emphasis on science and math. If video games counted my score would plummet.

On The Big Bang Theory, the 4 nerds always play video games and hit up the comic book store regularly. They also have no other friends (well okay, Penny and two other girls have become regulars) and no discernible physical powers, but they are masters of physics. Even PhD's need a way to relax on the weekends.

Yeah my would actually go up in this instance! LOL XD

90 though the test doesn't take things into account like I can write assembly language code, know what the color bands on resistors are for, have built every non-latop computer I have ever owned, play board games, have played RPG's and so on...

Yeah non-nerds play sports or action games exclusively, or don't play video games at all, while nerds play RPG's. Obviously!


Since we are collecting nerds together in this group, we should come up with our own nerd quiz, one that more accurately reflects membership in nerdiness, or "nerdship".

Good idea!

Great idea indeed, but whether this would be practical, there are so many different (arche)types of nerds, you wouldn't be able to fit all of that in one test.

RPG's are generally a good indicator, if you're above the age of 25 for instance you score extra point for knowing games such as Ragnarok, and bonus points if you played text based RPG's like "Adventure".

I still play the ocasional MUDD and have a linux box with a working copy of one.

Every once in a while I go back and play a Final Fantasy, either 3 on my Playstation (or Super Nintendo), or sometimes even the original, on the original Nintendo. Had played that fairly recently, left off in the Sky Tower with 2 more treasures to open, after beating Tiamat AND WarMech.

Never got into the FF series.  I played all the Bard's Tale trilogy back in the 80's/90's (and hacked my player files to give me super powers).  Playing Skyrim now though starting to get bored with it.

I have Playstation 3 (I have the older ones too) and of course Nintendo games and a Wii.

I also have Final Fantasy and I love that game! Also, Zelda! I buy some of the soundtrack of videogames on iTunes -- they have a bunch of them -- like Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Skyrim looks like a neat game. Trine and Trine 2 on Steam along with Left 4 Dead and some other games.

Oh no way, I'm also crazy about video-game soundtracks! And Zelda too if I didn't mention... spookiness!! Did we get separated at birth? Lol. I have Castlevania Symphony of the Night, not only is it an awesome game with a rad story and cool weaponry and magic and mazes and everything else a video game should be, it (naturally, look at the name) has one of the most beautiful soundtracks. Many of the tracks are regulars in my YouTube playlists.




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