This is the list of cool gadgets from Wired. Any of you receive these as gifts or have any of these objects on your own wishlist?

It’s the time for giving and, even better, the time for receiving. Here are 86 objects of desire.

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I love the outdoors but also like to keep my gear at a utilitarian level - not hyped up and expensive.  Looking at the outdoor gear I see 3 that interest me.  Benchmark knives are top of the line and American made.  If you can afford it, get one for life.  The fire striker could be substituted for matches waterproofed with wax but it is almost indestructible and more reliable.  I can see a need for the knee pads because I'm clumsy on the trail.  The others are extravagant and overpriced and take away from the bonding with nature.  Forget the boom box, I don't want to hear music (even my favorite Beatles songs) when I'm in the great outdoors.  The gloves look like they came from the Wal-Mart bin.

I love the outdoors too! Great picks Tommy.

Not much on their lists I would want.  I'll take these though:


1) 3D milling machine

2) Home distilling setup


oh that's so cool

Awesome! Very cool!

Speaking of cool gadgets, here's a fun toy.

Oh that is really neat! I want one!



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