I am going to pose this question here as it is a bit more specific to this group.  How have you as a TG/TS/GQ/CD/etc fit into the atheist community?  Being that the religious crap is out of the way, have you faced any issues or questions regarding your gender identity from other free thinkers?

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Hi and welcome, Is there any hope you can join GenderQueer Atheists on Facebook? I'm asking because that's where we tend to hang out and discuss things like this. And I'm pretty much with Natalie Reed on this issue: the atheist atmosphere is so reactionary regarding marginalized groups and civil rights, we're feeling quite burned out and tend to group together for support, networking, security, respect, etc. It's not safe in the atheist environment. http://www.facebook.com/groups/GQatheists/

Ah, but, my dear, we've already covered that. It's a PRIVATE group. Nobody else on your friends' list can see your posts. Nor can we share photos, etc on our walls. And we have a policy: What happens in GenderQueer Atheists STAYS in GenderQueer Atheists, unless one has specific, written permission to share it. Been going nine plus months and so far, so good.




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