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Has anyone gotten a DNA test yet or Looked in to it

Started by Libertino816. Last reply by Daniel W Sep 23, 2013. 6 Replies

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Comment by Daniel W on December 8, 2016 at 1:47pm

Joan, I remembered that you had already done a very extensive search, so I didn't know if would be useful for you.

I was on it 15 years ago.  It has much more extensive records now. 

Thank you for the link to the Jewish graveyard info.  I have hit some dead ends that will require I upgrade to the international site and test my limited German. My patrilineal lines are Wachenheim, Herrmann, Schuerfeldt, Muetschler.  What a bunch of Germans!  Mostly Rhine Valley, an area that has many towns on Alsatian and German areas ending with the suffix "heim". 

I would never claim to be Jewish - that identity is matrilineal, and at most my DNA is only about 5% in that direction.  But, that points out to me how closely connected we all are.  Seeing my surname on those Holocaust murdered lists really took me aback.  Apparently there isn't a drop of Native American or African, which is kind of disappointing but we are who we are.

My mother's side is more diverse, with Icenogle - many spellings - Alcorn - many spellings - Whiteside, Butler, Dean, and others.  Some predate the American Revolution, and some were in that war, 1812, and Civil war.  I think my family has played roles in almost every war the US has had, for whatever that is worth.  Almost always as foot soldiers.  So far, not on any slave owner lists despite a fair amount of history in Kentucky.

My Mother's lineage is similar parts German, English, Irish, and unknown.  The DNA test is more specific now to, with much more detail than it had in the past, which led me to interesting connections to other lineages on the website.

Comment by Joan Denoo on December 8, 2016 at 1:17am

Daniel, I assume you found these records: 




I looked up Wachenheim and burials in The Jewish graveyard on Römerweg;

This doesn't give you the links between you and The Jewish graveyard, but I thought you might be interested in what I found. 

Comment by Joan Denoo on December 8, 2016 at 12:02am

I forgot this group existed; thanks for the search clue, Daniel. 

I was born in my Grandmother Whitehead's front bedroom and when I was born the whole family agreed I looked like the Denoo side. As I grow older, I look more like my Dad's sister, Meijhi. I never had any doubt about my parentage, and neither did any family member. 

I think I will start up my membership again when the colder weather arrives. 

Comment by Daniel W on December 4, 2016 at 8:51pm

Not a very active group :-) but who knows? 

I started to wonder about one aspect of my ancestry.  I'm by no means Jewish, and the family was not for at least 4 generations.  But my paternal grandfather sometimes said that his paternal grandfather was a converted Jew.  Looking at the DNA percentage, my grandfather's dad would then be 50%, grandpa would be 25%, my dad would be 12%, and I would be 6%, close to within measurement variation to the 5% Jewish contribution listed in my DNA test. 

I also corresponded with someone with my surname, who stated that Jews in Germany took the name of their town, starting in about the early 1700s, so the name may not have existed as a surname before that.  I wondered, and looked up Holocaust victim rosters.  Holy moly!  My surname, or one almost like it, ending "er" - a variation that some family members used informally in my lifetime - appears over and over and over in the concentration camp "murdered" list.  What a sobering and depressing thought.  Another reason the name is uncommon.

Another think I thought strange, but not significant.  My paternal lineage spent a generation or two in Baden, in what became Germany.  My maternal grandmothers paternal ancestor also apparently came from Baden, although their transgenerational route to my mom meeting my Dad was very convoluted.  Maybe my ancestors were neighbors in that far away place. 

Comment by Daniel W on November 30, 2016 at 10:28pm

The DNA test also gave these ethnicity results.


Europe 99%

Europe West 49%

Scandinavia 23%

Ireland 11%

Great Britain 5%

Trace Regions 11%

European Jewish 5%

Italy/Greece 3%

Iberian Peninsula 2%

Europe East 1%

West Asia < 1%

Trace Regions < 1%

Caucasus < 1%

I imagine that Scandinavian part to be the result of Viking contributions in the British Isles and northern europe, since there is no family history of Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, or Danish.

Comment by Daniel W on November 30, 2016 at 9:13pm

Joined this group even though no posts since 2013.  I thought this was interesting.  My parents died 3 years ago, and I managed to keep several boxes of photos and family history information that my mother compiled 20 years or more ago.  I had also joined a while back and had a DNA test but never followed up.

I've started going through those boxes, and re-signed on to ancestry,com  Now, they provide possible DNA linked relatives.  My own DNA test had multiple distant matches.  Looking through those, one is through my mother's mother, one through her father, and one through my dad.  In each case, the lineages intersect about 5 or 6 generations back, one to a sibling who emigrated separately from my ancestor in the mid 1800s, one through an ancestor who lived in Kentucky and moved to rural Illinois in the mid 1800s, and another who did the same.  So the historical information was compatible with the DNA information, which is interesting.

My mother used to suggest that I was a mix-up at the hospital, because I was so different from other family members.  The DNA information says, nope, I am my parents' child. 


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