When I had that wondrous day last week during which I turned on my computer to find that the publicity from Friendly Atheist meant I had a full email inbox of submissions, I noticed something: many of the submissions I received were about how religion has affected the author's experience of their sexuality.

As this has proven to be such a popular topic, and one it's clear a lot of you want to address, I've decided to dedicate the week starting next Monday to articles about Religion and Sexuality. I'll post all the articles on that topic I have received, including my own, along with any others I receive before the end of that week.

So this is a call for submissions. If you have something you want to say about religion and sexuality, this is your chance. Just send your article, poem, creative writing piece or artwork to generation.atheist@gmail.com.

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ah sexuality and .. brains.. my fav thus far w/a side of politix...

great book btw. at times heavy for the un'exposed? ; )

'religion' and sex? ... kinda like .. operating systems and CPU's? counter parts.. some frag hd's quicker than others? some frag societies quicker? people die .. quicker? aaaanyhew

Religion can do so much damage to someone's healthy outlook on sexuality. I was a Christian since childhood, and grew up thinking everything about sex was bad, except when shared in a marriage. When I became an adult, I learned that even that had restrictions, and all kinds of crazy rules. Sex is a natural, healthy desire, but religion wants to control people, and it uses sex as another way to do that. :(

I'm reading Geoffrey Stone's 2017 book "Sex and the Connstitution" and am amazed at how attitudes toward sexuality waxed and waned since the first Puritans arrived. America's founding generation were almost libertines.




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