Here on Atheist Nexus, there is no shortage of declarations about religion - how religions are harmful, how religious people are deluded, how their leaders manipulate the religious, and how freedom from religions benefits us as individuals, and would benefit humanity.


Religions are like science fiction stories, full of amazing characters, bizarre life forms, psychopathic personalities, drama, passion, war, peace, kindness and cruelty.
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Religions are like a life form. They start small, grow, evolve, mature, become senescent.  Most religions have died. New ones are born regularly.  Like disease, they infect and spread, reproducing in susceptible populations. Religions develop and flourish in a bio-psycho-social world., changing their host, and their host changing the religion. 

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We need to understand religions.  They are also amazingly interesting. The purpose of this group is to examine religions, what they beleive, their history, their stories, their people, their psychological and social contexts, and how they evolve.

While we can speculate about why homo sapiens creates religions, the main goal is to learn more about the histories and beleif systems of religions, what they have in common, and how they differ.

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Here is a link that summarizes the 43 biggest religious or religious belief systems, in the world today.  This is the "Big Religion Chart".

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