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This refers, of course, to the Roman Catholic Church.  As the article notes, the Church has survived wars, invasions, famines, epidemics, and social revolutions.


The Catholic Church is governed by the world's oldest, continuous monarchy. Officially founded by Emperor Constantine in 325 A.D., its roots reach back into the first century, to Jesus and Peter as well as the other apostles. As Rome, along with its bishop and its adherents in the western Roman Empire, became more independent of the eastern Empire, it took on even more monarchical characteristics, lacking perhaps only official heredity...


The article goes on to discuss the democratization of Western religion, which coincided democratization of society as a whole - except for Catholicism.  Whether that exeption will persist is unclear, but the author notes that the Church has survived more.





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Constantine recognized the Christian church in 325 and (at the behest of his mother, Helen) convened the ecumenical council at Nicaea. However, this was not the official founding of Roman Catholicism. This was just the process by which the religion became normalized after being illegal for over a century. The "official" date I'd give for the foundation of it would be 800 AD when Pope Leo III crowned Constantine, thus finally securing the power of Rome.

The Xian church survived for one reason: they adapted. [Yes, they also killed and maimed and tortured, but it was the adaptation that saved them, not the Crusades and Inquisitions.] Wherever they went they adopted the traditions and ceremonies of the natives into the liturgy, and made a mish-mash religion that most could abide. THAT is what Catholicism and Xianity have lost, and why they really are on the ropes now.

Unless they start finding theologians who can meld modern scientific ideas and idioms into the church, they may be (and probably are) falling into intellectual obscurity. This is a unique time in the history of the Church, and one where it is more vulnerable than ever before. Intellectually, they are digging their own grave, and guys like me are standing right there-- shovel in hand-- ready to bury them.
Will it speed up the process if you bonk them over the head with your shovel first?
I am working on it. My book, The Heathen's Guide to World Religions, was just released in Italy this week. The Vatican is not happy with me at the moment. I got a nasty review and everything.
Congrats! I once got thrown out of the Vatican. It's one of my proudest moments, but it wasn't really my fault. I was with someone who changed into bermuda shorts in the restroom. I kept saying "You can't do that" "Yes I can, they wont throw is out" "Yes they will" "Don't be ridiculous". This Swiss guards can be... um... firm and forceful.
You gotta hand it to the Xians. Slimy as they are, they have been wildly successful.

All the more delicious to watch their 'government' fall.



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