I’ve been pondering this for a couple of hours and I thought I’d post it here. I’d like to see what your response to this subject is. Here is the point I’m pondering:
Why does the Catholic Church condemn Homosexuality as going against nature? Or should I say considers it a “sin?” Now there are those who are not Catholic who say that Homosexuality is not “natural” as well. Okay fine I can deal with that.

The Catholic Church requires it’s Priests and Nuns to be celibate.
Now reproduction is natural. In fact for the human race or any species to continue to exist there must be reproduction. Birds do it, bees do it. But Priests and Nuns can’t do it.
Now originally I am told this wasn’t the case in the Catholic Church. Over time this changed.
I find that odd that this organization that condoms homosexuality and condoms abortion makes it agents (Priests and Nuns) abstain from sex. Now I am aware that the men and women who choose this way of life know well and full that they will never have children. And yes there are those who leave and marry. I’m also aware that there are some exceptions allowed for those who are already married or have been widowed.
Still I find it odd that there are those who condom homosexuality but support Catholic Priests and Nuns being celibate.
I wonder if the sexual abuse of children by Catholic Priests would drop if they were not required to be celibate.
Of course there are those of other religions who sexually abuse children. But I only know of one, Catholicism that requires celibacy.

What are your thoughts on this?

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It's the Catholic Church. This fits in perfectly with their logic. Which is none.
Originally, priests did not have to be celibate. I just read somewhere (likely either elsewhere on the Nexus or some other atheist site, put possibly in print media) that the celibacy thing started because the church did not want to risk priests passing on assets to their children, they wanted everything that the priest had gained in his life to go back to the church (and didn't want any chance of the churches assets getting passed along as well).

As far as the molesting children thing goes, getting rid of celibacy would probably not help. Those abnormal urges do not stem from normal urges (according to what I learned in undergrad psych classes, including courses on sexuality). Plenty of apparently happily married men abuse children as well. There is a reason most organizations that deal with children have very strict rules against children being left with one adult, especially in situations where it is possible for one child to be left alone with the one adult. But even background checks are not always enough (they only catch those who have previously been caught doing something wrong), parents need to use all the caution they can when it comes to leaving their kids with others.

It's a good thing I don't plan to have children, I'd never want to leave them with anyone by my own family and best friends.
I've been running around with a prominant Catholic woman for the past year. She loves having sex (the gay kind), but then she tortures herself for it. It has always been her forbidden fruit. Which has turned her into a total pervert who thinks about sex all the time. I, as a big gay atheist, on the other hand, have a very healthy attitude about sex. I guess what I am saying is that religion can really fuck people up.

And I agree with B-girl that allowing priests to marry wouldn't affect the abuse. I think that as long as they demonize sex (and homosexuality), priests will find inappropriate outlets for their perverted obsessions.
For the life of me I have no idea how these religious group got into the idea of repressing one's natural sex urges.
I guess or assume it's all about "control."
It's like how I see the Pro Life movement. It's not about the unborn baby. It's not about life. It's all about being able to control someone, or something. I took a human sexuality class in college. I was amaze how many college students were ignorant about some of the topics we discussed in class. I was by no means a worldy bed hopping guy. I would have loved to have been, but I wasn't. But still, seeing so many of them that were so unaware of the proper use of a condom that I found it shocking.
But the promotion of ignorance seems to be the main objective of such groups.
I feel for your friend. I guess that one day she'll accept who she is and free herself of those shackles.




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