What happens when your kid’s an atheist and you send them to Sunday school…

It's a joke...enjoy

Mom thought she’d jerk a knot in her young atheist son’s tail so she sent him with the neighbors kids to Sunday school. The subject was going to be Moses and his taking his people to safety.

The kid comes home and mom asks, “Well, what did you learn today?”

“Well mom”, the boys starts,
“There was this heavy hitter ‘made” man named Rambo Moses who went off to Egypt to free some people.
He humped a 100 pound rucksack across the burning desert sands and went behind enemy lines to find these people called Hebrews. They needed to egress the area and he was going to lead them out.
All this time these commando’s from Egypt lead by Commander Pharaoh was in hot pursuit of Moses. But learning the skills at the SEAR school, he avoided them.”
The mother just stands there aghast! Her son continues.

“So Rambo Moses takes lead and using his GPS get them to the Red Sea. There’s no way for them to cross so Rambo Moses has the Hebrews construct a pontoon bridge and cross the Red Sea.”

The kids mother just starts to fume…but the boy goes on.

“So Rambo Moses, seeing that Commander Pharaoh and his commandos are starting to cross the pontoon bridge calls in an air strike that takes out the bridge, Commander Pharaoh and his commandos!”

The mother is not red in the face, her arms are crossed and she’s mad as hell.
She looks at her atheist son and says,
“I sent you to Sunday School to learn something! Now young man is that the real story they told you at Sunday School?”

The atheist son looks at his mother, shrugs his shoulders and says,
“But mom, if I told you the story they told me, you wouldn’t have believed that one either!”

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thank you thank you I'll be here all week,an don't forget to tip the wait staff.....
"Rambo Moses" VS "Commander Pharoah" in - MORAL COMBAT!
LOL, funny story man.
Glad you liked it....
Whoa! Charlton Heston against Sly Stallone?!? I'll take Stallone and the points!



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