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Number line and linear time aren't innate but cultural

Study Finds Twist to the Story of the Number Line: Number Line Is Learned, Not Innate Human Intuition ...challenging a mainstream scholarly…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

2 Apr 28, 2012
Reply by Natalie A Sera

"God gene:" Are we hardwired for superstition?

So, as fun as it was over the weekend to take my Physical Anthro professor up on the task of putting together a fabulous, mind-blowing pres…

Started by Jo Jerome

8 Feb 1, 2012
Reply by Maruli Marulaki

Aquatic Ape ... Theory? Hypothesis?

Anyone else here as nerdy-geeky a fan of AAT as I am?  It was first introduced to me about 10 years ago in a class on Asian Religion and Ph…

Started by Jo Jerome

13 Oct 26, 2010
Reply by Jim Moore

UV light reveals how greek sstatues really looked.

I'm a bit of a archaeology nut and stumbled on this. Thought it was interesting.http://io9.com/5616498/ultraviolet-light-reveals-how-ancien

Started by Noh Name

6 Oct 21, 2010
Reply by Noh Name

Question about hair and evolution

Okay, I hope this is the right group to ask this in; I've been haranguing my wife about this, and she teaches high school English -- it's n…

Started by mxyzptlk

5 Oct 19, 2010
Reply by Taran Meyer

Origin of Human Language

I was recently watching the excellent NOVA mini-series "Becoming Human" (November 2009). It suggests that Homo erectus had developed verbal…

Started by Sarah Walton

3 Oct 19, 2010
Reply by Taran Meyer

Any godless ethnobotany geeks out there?

I love it when several of my interests come together like this! Anyone out there as fascinated by plants and our relationships with them as…

Started by Sarah Walton

3 Sep 29, 2010
Reply by Jo Jerome

Anyone recently graduate and looking into grad school?

I've been looking into graduate school for physical anthro (specifically osteology). I'm a little tangled up in this process. I'd also cons…

Started by Ruth Abigail

2 Jun 21, 2010
Reply by Jo Jerome

Fantastic Find: Australopithecus Sediba

I was wondering if anyone else had a chance to see this report. 60 minutes did an excellent job covering the story, so I thought I'd share.…

Started by Hannah D.

1 Apr 16, 2010
Reply by Hannah D.

Dental maturational sequence and dental tissue proportions in the early Upper Paleolithic child from Abrigo do Lagar Velho, Portugal

Abstract Neandertals differ from recent and terminal Pleistocene human populations in their patterns of dental development, endostructural…

Started by Bryanderthal

0 Jan 5, 2010




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