Hi all,

I've been playing through spore since Friday (DolJuan if your interested) and was wondering what you thought of the religous elements in it.

the most obvious one is the fact that you effectively design your creatures as they "evolve". Also once your creature reach the civilised stage you can conquer your rivals by force by economic muscle or by converting them to your religion.

I mention this because I've already hand friends assume I won't play this as I'm an atheist. As far as I'm concerned the "evolution" is a necessary game mechanic otherwise all you could do is tweak the environment to make certain traits more or less desirable/necessary and the game would be much less hands on.

As for the other religous elements, while it would be nice to see a a diplomacy option it didn't bother me and in fact I used religion to conquer my first world with a slight smirk on my face.

For me it comes down to this, Spore is game and I try not to let games bug me too much, but as this is a gamers discussion I was Pondering if anyone else plays Spore or has any examples where they feel religon has detracted form a game?

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I haven't played it (I really want to) but from what I've seen it seemed like a very non-religious game. A video showed life coming to a planet by a meteor crashing into it (no divine presence there) and not to mention the fact that there is evolution.

I guess you could just take the fact that there is religion as another phase in evolution. Primitive societies need religion to give their lives some purpose. But, I'm sure when your societies become advanced enough they will get rid of the notions of religion :) lol
While the game doesn't work too closely with how evolution actually works, I saw an interview with Will Wright and he said that he was actually concerned about this as well but made the compromise to benefit gameplay over scientific correctness because the total exposure of the game would have been much less if it were simply an evolution simulator. The basic elements are still there, and if someone gets interested they're sure to see the shortcomings of the game just as people see the shortcomings in sim-city or other games that bring complex ideas into a more manageable and simple environment.

I would totally love something where you can only nudge a species around by making the environment change, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the norm in that regard. Sticking a leg you found on your ROFLopterus is much more enjoyable than trying to shallow out an inland sea so that the protoROFLopterus has to flop around on it's fins until the more long-finned ones grow legs over a few thousand generations or more.
Well your not on your own I would like to play a evolution sim as well but like I Said I understood the necessity of having a designer in order to make a game not a sim.

Going of on a tangent a bit I cringed when I heard they were adding religion to Civ 4 purely because i had a horrible thought that christianity would end up as the ultimate religion. In the end it wasn't as invasive as i thought it would be but it didn't really add to the game either. which makes me wonder why god(s) gets added to god games?




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