Anyone play any steam/valve games? I am a die hard half-life fan. I pretty much have all the games based on the original half life engine (GoldSrc engine) and the half-life 2 engine (Source engine).

I mostly play Team Fortress 2 though. My steam friends name is "Dr. Pepper" sorry it's not more original lol.

Anyways, let's hear how many of you are steam gamers, and consider posting your steam friends name.

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Recently played through Portal, It's awesome. I have quite a lot of games I'm planning to go through before I even get started on Half-Life 2 though...
CS:S and TF2 player here: look up Zevaeros.
TF2 is the only multi-player Steam game I play right now, but I'm not on very often. When I am on, I'm usually on as "Jangle Leg".
I'm currently playing Left 4 Dead. The price dropped to $29.99, but I bought this a few weeks ago from for $28 plus free shipping. Its a fun game...

I use to play Counter Strike a lot, but it doesn't really appeal to me that much anymore.

Add me as a friend if you have Steam and maybe we'll both have the same game and be willing to play one of these days.

I also have a Godless Gamers group. So far only me on it...

Oh, a quick list of games my broke ass owns:
* = Games I play often

Left 4 Dead *
Half Life 1&2 and Episode 1&2
Counter Strike 1&2
Unreal Tournament 3
America's Army 3 (FREE GAME!)
Age of Chivalry (FREE MOD & NEEDS HL2)

I also play Battlefield 2142 *
My user name is 'Niteme'
If you play 2142 add me up, but make sure you let me know where you found me at. Just make sure you add 'AtheistNexus' somewhere in the message.
i used to play steam a whole lot.. games like counter strike

but since i recently got steam again, just to download and play resident evil 5!

look me up as motrin
mostly play tf 2 tag is jehovahgodofgaps
i all ready posted here.. but just started playing a new game called Beat Hazard!! Its a fun great game that uses your music to give you seizures.. hha thats joke but its a mix between audios-surf and geometry wars.. its only 7 Dollars as of now.. and theirs a DEMO!!

i highly suggest ppl to check out it and compare high scores with me if ya wants motrin = steam ID

I freaking love Steam. IMO, PC gaming is the only way to go. I don't really like the consoles. 

TF2 is my main game. My Steam ID is: "Toecutter PDX" if anyone wants to add me as a friend and get our godless game on!




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