I thought I'd bring this here to hopefully draw some more traffic to this group. Inspired by a thread on Gamefaqs, it's basically exactly what it say on the tin. You post here everytime you beat a game (or once a week or so if you want to cut down on the number of posts).

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Assassin's Creed 2. Finally. Though I've not gotten all my achievements yet. Blech.
I just 100%-ed the achievements for AC2 a couple of weeks ago and now some DLC has arrived for it in the past couple of days. Why can't they just let me have my A+?
"Call Of Duty: World At War" for the PS3 although I still need to go back and beat the last 4 levels on Hardend Mode so I can get the "Hardend War Hero" trophy.
Since my last posting the only thing I've beaten is Halo 3 (360) but I can't really take credit for it because I played thru it with a friend who did most of the work since he was more familiar with the game than I was.




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