I figured this would be a fun way to waste time with my fellow World of Warcrackheads.

Ivyye (main) - 70 female human warrior (tank) - Malfurion
Adraste - 62 female NE rogue (combat) - Malfurion
Yzabell - 15 female gnome warlock (still too young to decide) - Malfurion

And, feel free to promote your guild as well. Currently, all my toons are guildless as I just moved to Malfurion.

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Diorhorror 60 echo isles (undead affliction warlock) <-------pretty much the only toon I play. She is the predecessor of the same Diorhorror I had on Kargath before bc. I sold her on ebay thinking I was done with the game....guess i was wrong :)
Heesus - 60 undead priest (retired!)
Greentooth - 35 tauren druid (retired!)

Saso - 36 blood-elf paladin - Sisters of Elune
Horriblus - 10 undead warrior - Sisters of Elune
Numguts - 8 orc shaman - Sisters of Elune

-Just coming back to play, dork around for a while in-game with some RL friends.
Lyrice - 70 dwarf priest
Tanbir - 70 night elf hunter

Both of my characters are on Feathermoon. Still playing avidly.
Emerald Dream:
Reighn - 70 Hunter. Well geared for PvP
Viktyr - 70 warrior. Crappy gear.
Azuarius - 23 Shammy. I'll probably just get him to 70 and ditch the hunter and warrior.
Heard Emerald Dream was an excellent RP server.
It's the only RP server I've been on, and I don't really RP anymore, so I couldn't really tell you :( I've been told it's completely dead Horde side.
Alemian. 70 Orc Warlock on Zangarmarsh.
Lorianth. 70 BE Paladin on Zangarmarsh.
Drakhos. 70 BE Paladin on Medivh. (currently being played by a friend on a different account though)
To many alts to mention.
Whisperwind realm. 4 family accounts. Alliance guild is called Oblivion the horde guild is called League of Heathens.

MAVELRICK 70 NE male resto druid (I didn't pick this name, was eldest son's main)
DRAGONWISE 22 male NE rogue (I didn't pick this name, was eldest son's)
WOOT 53 gnome fire female mage (I didn't pick this name, was eldest son's)
CORANDRIS 20 tauren male hunter, pink tallstrider pet named sweetpeep, going to go get the black lion soon.
THIMARIAL 12 Dwarf female hunter, pets- white bear named ObiOneKermodei, (Kermodei is the name of those rare white bears, it means spirit bear) white wolf (forget what I named him), and pink tallstrider named Bubblegum. ( I like to collect rare pets)
SKULLI, belf 33 female hunter pet-turtle name Box Mulder. :-)

QUINTA 70 feral druid female NE ( I didn't pick this name, was d-in-law's main)
KIMCHII NE female hunter pets-lion named Nala, blue (clutchmother) tallstrider named Jawbreaker. (didn't pick this toon name or lion's name, d-in-law used to play this one)
ARVA dranny 29 frost mage
TAHVINI Troll female hunter 31 pet-white wolf named Aleric

RAYVENANDRIA (my main) NE 62 balance druid
MOONRAYVEN 43 NE combat rogue
WINTERRAYVEN 40 gnome frost mage
FEHLANIA 22 dranny priest
VHANALDRA 24 troll Shaman
KAHIANNA 21 BELF warlock
SELENIEL 43 BELF hunter pet- white bat named Avania

THORANZALAR-(son's main toon)62 NE hunter pets-white croc named DinAearLhug (means silent sea dragon in elvish) Ghostsaber named ShadowSpirit
THORANDRIK 44 dwarf warrior
THOREGRIM 41 Orc hunter pets-White lion named Moonlight, pink tallstrider named peppermint
VAZERACK 23 dranny paladin
THURANDIS- belf 21 priest
LOKARIUS undead 26 warlock

Storage alts to hold auction stuff and bazillion mats for crafters (may play some of these toons eventually but for now they are storage, will have to delete a few to make deathknights) Seini, Maidtotailor, Gnomebody, Zanathara, Nephren, Itemrack, Khatia, Rayvenbank, Pennybank, Silverbag, Yohania, Alandri, Bankbooty, Thorbank
I guess you all are on US realms, European here.

Ferlaye - blood elf female priest, spirit specced lvl 70
Aerelyn - be female paladin, prot lvl 70

Ayerin - lvl 70 be female warlock, afflic
Hizori - lvl 63 enh troll shaman
Fayuriel - lvl 24 be mage
Kazhera - lvl 60 troll hunter
Siirala - lvl 60 NE druid
Enethraviel - lvl 53 NE priest
Cerury - lvl 40 NE warrior

I have two more druids and other countless bankers and alts I don't remember what they are called or which level they are.

All my characters down to Faye are on Defias Brotherhood, the rest on Moonglade. The others are spread out.
Amoonet (Main) - 70 Tauren Resto Druid - Turalyon

Amlaruil - 70 Blood Elf Fire Mage - Turalyon




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