I'm currently on the WoW Wagon having wasted months of my life in azeroth, however I still need my gaming fix. I thought I'd start a thread specifically for us console games, so sound off soldier!

I'm currently playing battefield: Bad Caompany on the xbox 360. If there are any godless gamers that would like to send a friend invite I would love to destroy some gold creates with you!

Xbox Live and PSN name: FishermansEnemy

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My PSN name is Mateo250. No XBox though. :(

My games:

GT5 Prologue
MotorStorm(Meh. Came with the console.)
Assassins Creed
Tomb Raider:Underworld
Uncharted:Drakes Fortune
Ferrari Challenge
Star Wars:The Force Unleashed

Yes, I do like driving games quite a lot. :)




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