Im quite a proud PS3/sony fanboy. Would like to hear if there is any PS3/xbox/wii/PC fanboys here!

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Actually I don't own any of the current generation consoles, nor is my PC "gaming quality" by todays standards...

I do plan to rectify the situation though, as they all have something to offer this generation.

I'm getting a Wii for sure (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Fatal Frame 4, etc.), but the PS3 and 360 share a lot of titles right now, making the choice a little less clear cut.

I suppose I could go with a 360, it has Halo 3, Mass Effect, Fable 2 and even though Vader is cooler than Yoda, Soul Calibur IV still looks mighty fine.

Also, since a friend of mine already owns one, I might be able to try out some of his games and organize a little multiplayer between the two of us.

Of course there's a good chance I might end up with all three big ones, as with the previous generation. Where my PS2 took center stage.

As for my PC, it could do with an upgrade to handle upcoming StarCraft II and Diablo III, apart from that, I'm not really into PC gaming for some reason...
Well, I went with the 360 and Wii and got a few games for each (still a few left to get though). Its been pretty fun so far, my only real concern is that my backlog keeps growing...
dude ... u cant be serious ... i think gaming is on the is going to surpass movies both financially and as an experience...

games like bioshock,gta 4 , mgs 4 and team ico games make most movies look crap.

that is unless the wii ruins the market with wii sports,wii music, wii babysitting,wii laundry etc




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