A thread for discussing any of the Final Fantasy Series. (I tried to think up a title that was catchy and pithy and failed)

I've been playing them since VII appeared on the PS1.

Am currently nearing completing XII - and when I say complete I mean every armour, weapon, boss, secret boss and impossibly secret super-boss defeated.

Only then shall this unnatural and insatiable hunger for completism be sated.

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I've been playing Final Fantasy since Christmas of 1990 when my parents got me Final Fantasy for the Nintendo as a present. I've been playing them ever since. My favorite has and still is Final Fantasy VI.
VI was my introduction and the tale of Spiroth and the materia still enthralls.

I'm also rather partial to IX set in the school/academy.

XII is okay not the best but entertaining enough.

I just need to take down Yiazmat, (50 million HP!!!) complete the fishing side-quest (Irritating) to obtain the Wyrm hero blade, and preferably complete the bestiary so I can get the Order of Ambrosia, then I'll go beat down the final boss.

As soon as Sony get the message and release a PS3 that's backwards compatible I'll buy one and I look forward to what feats of brilliance Square Enux can produce for the final fantasy series on the next gen consoles.
It was actually VIII set in the school/academy.
Ah yes. I know it sounds crazy I get VIII and IX easily confused.

XI is the one with the lead character has a tail and is more cartoony as I recall. I avoided that one.
Merh i dont really like any FF past 4. They seem like square soft was just doing a fan service after that.
It's funny (and probably marks me out as a heathen) but I'm not interested in playing the back-history of final fantasy, I really enjoy the format as minted in VII, and it's only gone on leaps and bounds since then.
Own and played through almost all of them on one format or another (don't own any of the NES or SNES cartridges, but I have them on PSOne and DS). I have no interest in the online one though.

And while I started with VII like soo many others, my personal favorite would be IX.

Currently playing through Crisis Core on my PSP, it's a lot of fun, though I should probably get on with the story already instead of just doing one side-mission after another...
No, you are doing it the good way. The main story in FFCC is very short compared to all other FF titles. Completing all side missions ensures lasting gameplay.
Final fantasy IX is in my opinion still the best final fantasy out there followed closely by VII and X (all of which had very compelling story lines).

Out of the spin-off series Advent children and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions both on the PSP are equally great.

The only final fantasy i honestly did not enjoy playing was VIII.
Interesting you mention the storylines.

I've been working on the sub-quests on XII now for so long I'd completely lost track of the actual plot.

(And here's a good reason to love youtube) Someone has put up all the cut-scenes from XII in an automatic streaming playlist.


I finally understand the story!
Ye its definitely easy to get caught up in the side quests and forget all about the main game.

I haven't played XII yet, mainly because i kinda lost interest in the series after the sequel X. Would you recommend it?
Yes I do. It's got quite a few upgrades in terms of game play from previous FF titles. The summons are called Espers tis time around and aren't as powerful in the traditional sense they roam the landscape with you rather than play as static animations but have situation specific animations which do large damage: for example one of the espers Zodiark, will trigger his ultimate attack which does a massive 60,000HP's worth of damage, but only if the summoner is petrified with a stone spell.

You obtain espers by actually fighting them and beating them and they are then assigned to one member of you team.

Fights earn items, gil and licence points, you buy license to upgrade magic's and character stats, ensuring you level up at a respectable rate as the enemy strength increases.

Random encounters are gone instead enemies appear as characters on screen and you have to tool up accordingly. Also you control your team through a set of automated actions called gambits. For example I'm just now taking on a challenge to secure a highly powerful magical weapon which I'll need to take down the largest boss in the game (50 million HP!!) I'm facing a lot of undead creatures so I've selected weapons imbued with holy, armour with high defence and strength stats, and accessories that boost my chances of scoring multiple strikes. I've automated my healing spells to kick in if any of my parties health drops below a certain limit and I've set each member to attack the furthest, nearest and highest HP enemies respectively.
This ensures they are spread out, so can avoid any area based magic cast against them and also easily deal with large swarms of enemies.

So far I'm easily holding my own against them.

So it's like the other final fantasies in that the usual suspects are all here but it strikes me that Square have tweaked a number of things, and overall I'd say it's an improvement, although the summons do take some getting used to, the gambit system is actually quite intuitive once you get into it and you do make regular use of it.

In terms of story I like it. It has, an odd Star Wars like element (including roguish pirate with sidekick rescues princess on the run from heavy-breath armour clad bad guy, and picks up callow, blonde haired youth on the way and together go on to save the world) but it's actually got a good story based on countries at war and raried powerful magical element called magicite and underlying all of this is a story about gods controlling the fate of men. In sum I think it's one of the best plotted of the FF's so far from a story point of view.

The game is challenging the sub-quests plentiful and relevant with the potential to massively expand the game (this includes rare and unusual and powerful armours and weapons; extra espers who dont appear as part of the plot. Then there's additional bosses to be fought (including Omega Weapon, Gilgamesh - and the one I'm currently preparing for: Yiazmat) and there's a big side quest involving hunting down rare creatures (also farming from them rare items to make weapons and armours not available in shops)

The graphics are good for the PS2 - and the cut-scene animations are simply stunning.

I even like some of the music.

Not the perfect final fantasy title and not everyone will like it. However that caveat in place I really do like this game (I'm still eaking it out coming up on 300 hours on the clock - told you: lots of side quests!) The new control mechanisms I like but they are new and can take some getting used to. Overall I'd probably give it 8/10.




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