A thread for discussing any of the Final Fantasy Series. (I tried to think up a title that was catchy and pithy and failed)

I've been playing them since VII appeared on the PS1.

Am currently nearing completing XII - and when I say complete I mean every armour, weapon, boss, secret boss and impossibly secret super-boss defeated.

Only then shall this unnatural and insatiable hunger for completism be sated.

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Wow thanks for that very insightful response.

Having just watched a few videos of gameplay it certainly looks very appealing visually and seems to satisfy the RPG genre whilst incorporating more action than previous Final Fantasy's.

The only problem i have is that by removing the turn based battle system the series might have lost one of its defining features and become less strategic but i suppose that could go either way.

I will certainly give this game a try as i enjoyed Crisis Core which seems very similar to this in its battle system.
It's still sort-of turn based. In the configuration menu you can set time to pass or not when you are in setting up magic to cast.
Actually let me give a bit more of a fuller response to that.

The gambit system is definitely strategic, in that a poorly constructed set of automatic instructions will land your team in a whole heap of trouble.

Whereas the converse is equally true. In some especially challenging areas swarming with powerful enemies, a strategic set of gambits will greatly ease your passage and improve your survival odds measurably.

Often when fighting varied enemies you can switch armours temporarily to absorb or deflect a particular status, as well as modifying armours and accessories boosts personal stats which can improve in-game performance. (as an example of the above, I've got my heavy hitter currently on 99 strength through a combination of armours and acessories, with a high combo weapon. However I switched out the armours and accessories for a much weaker statistically armour which absorbed electric attacks, a hat which absorbed holy attacks and an accessory that boosted the probability of stealing a rare item.

I switched the attack gambit to steal, and stole from the enemy a rare magic weapon which will nicely boost my magic casting strength in my boss battle, and was able to do this in perfect safety because the enemies attacks kept healing my tank.

When I got the item I was after, I switched back the armours and the gambits and killed the enemy in a few turns.

I think that is being strategic - and you do that sort of planning and preparation all the time.
Final Fantasy X is easily my favorite in the series, excluding the non-traditional games like Final Fantasy Tactics. I LOVED Tactics.
My first FF was IX...I still have not managed to beat it. The only FF ive beaten is VIII, and I tried FFVII but I could not get through the first disc...it had moments but the story annoyed me.

How long do think it will be for them to announce when XIII will come out?

Enough to whet your appetite?

It almost makes me want to go and buy a PS3....
An odd statement considering that the video advertises it as a 360 game...
Did it? I missed that. 8-)

In that case....
I did make enquiries about FFXIII. Shop-monkey seems to think late 2009, with separate release dates and a cost of roughly £40.

Since all my favourite game series (Resident Evil, Smackdown and now Final Fantasy) are seemingly cross-platform releases. It really becoems a choice between technologies.

My impression is that the 360 does better than the PS3 in terms of graphics and memory (eg. the number of editable layers in the last Raw V Smackdown game was a big disparity between the xbox, ps3 and ps2) but that the PS3 obviously has the inbuilt blue-ray dvd.

I'm not even close to having to make that decision any time soon, but I did enquire and the xbox is roughly half the price of the ps3.
Anybody kinda pissed that they're remaking FF8 instead of 7 or 9 (which were both better in my opinion)?
They're doing what now?
Sorry my mistake it turns out they're not. I wonder why i was convinced that they were.



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