Rule of Rose (PS2) was marketed as a horror game, but its mysterious story doesn't have to be interpreted as having anything to do with the supernatural.  The horrors are those that real life can hold for children.


In many ways it is very intellectual, and deals with issues in an adult and sophisticated manner as the best of foreign cinema might.


It has been accused (quite wrongly in my opinion) of appealing to gamers who want young-girl-porn (a misunderstanding that the marketing of the game helped bring into existence), but there is nothing erotic in the game, and---in my experience running a fan-site for the game---the majority of the fans of the game are young women, some of whom are extraordinarily dedicated to the game.


It is a game in which an understanding of its hidden secrets is not easily acquired.  Hence my Rule of Rose Mysteries blog focuses on hypotheses and clues.  If you make the mistake of trying to understand the game from a wiki article (or a wiki dedicated to the game) you'll surely be led astray, in my opinion.


Rule of Rose Mysteries

I am "PokerNemesis" there.

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A friend of mine played it, actually. She recommended it to me as a game to check out.


If you like non-normal video games--game where you don't just hack and slash your way through--I recommend The Path--it's about 6 young girls--you play as one of them, and each one has it's own 'wolf'--it's based loosely off of Little Red Riding Hood--and each wolf is unique, and you can totter around the forest finding clues and putting them into the basket--while building a small story of what happened to them--now everyone has their own theory on what happened to each girl--most of them involve rape in some form or fashion--but a friend and I think it's much more likely that each girl encountered something normal and average--but it's a fairy tale, so it's blown way out of proportion and is seen a little strangely.

A friend and I came up with a 'parody theory' involving an evil mother who is sending out her children into the forest to get lost, one by one.




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