Just picked up the game Borderlands yesterday, didn't know what to expect, but WOW. It's absolutely amazing.... a very well done, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive first-person shooter with RPG elements. I had been looking for a game that had some sort of sniper specialty mechanics and this one is perfect for it (as the Hunter class anyway).

Played it all evening and got to level 13... I haven't been this excited about a game in a long time!

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Gonna get that one too .. I'm getting my game library all set up. I have a bunch of games yet to buy.

I have Borderlands 2 reserved and I hope they have clarified a few of the fuzzy details of the story.  They delayed the release bc of COD MW3 (according to my local gamestop associate).  So the wait continues...

mothrakk is way to hard

It is one to the toughest battles, but there is a shelter nearby you hide under while it attacks. Then pop out and shoot him down. I died several times b4 I figured that out.

Borderlands was a lot of fun and one of the better games I played.  Definitely going to try 2.

Ending feels like they just hit a release date and rushed it out, without really finishing it.  

Overall it is a very good game, but the main issue is that if you do all the quests you will quickly outlevel all the enemies around you.  If you have more than 4 levels on most enemies they will have a hard time hurting you.  More than 6 or 7 they will have a hard time negatively affecting you at all.  It just makes the game too easy if you're a completionist. That was the only major flaw other than the shitty ending.  Hopefully they fix it in 2 (go with something like mass effect and most other RPGFPS games and have enemies level with you) 

Also, the siren is probably the most powerful character, especially if you get the ability that her epic not only makes you invisible and gives you a damage bonus but also heals you.  She can be almost unstoppable.  Just being able to invis and run past or flank some harder parts is amazing.




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