Just saw the new front page of the xbox magazine will feature Dead Space 3.  So, Who's Excited?!  I know I am!  I love the dead space universe and I can't wait to see what is in store for Issac!

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Made it about half way through the last 2. I couldn't stand the lack of response in movement controls in the first one and the second one I just lost interest in (PC).

Well, that is unfortunate...  That's why they make so many different games.  

I played DS1 on XBox 360 and DS2 on my PS3.  I never have a computer worth playing PC games on, they are usually lacking the proper graphics and processing power.  So I stick to my consoles mainly.  There were no movement issues for me when I played both games.  I had to play on the edge of my seat since they kept scaring the **** out of me. Plus, the character is slowly going insane due to his exposure to the marker.   

 I can't wait either!





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