The Lost & Damned has some really fun multiplayer games but it's always dead in there. Everyone that regularly plays GTA multiplayer is mostly playing death matches and racing or running around in Free Mode and since that seems to be where the players are that's where I usually end up myself.

Are there any fans of TLAD multiplayer here that wishes more people played TLAD multiplayer games? I was thinking that if we add each other to friends lists perhaps we can get a group together to play once in awhile.

My Gamertag is the same as my SN here: DeafAtheist  

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Well I don't have GTA4 yet but once I get it I'm up for any fun multiplayer levels, always wanted to see who is "Der Ubermann" among my friends/me in GTA... and not in the crappy 2 player psudo-mode San Andreas had although I love that game. Right now all I have is Call Of Duty: World At War and usually play in the Mercenary Team Death Match, War and Storyline Co-Op modes. I need to get some PSN Cash so I can buy the extra Map Packs though.

I have the PS3 so, you'll have to add me on PSN as: DTH_Fan_2112
Don't have a PS3 yet. I've got an XBox 360, but thinking about getting a PS3 too. Unfortunately TLAD isn't available on the PS3 and I doubt it ever will be.
I'd love to play TLAD, but it doesn't look like they're going to release it on PC anytime soon, so I'll stick to GTA4 multiplayer.
Looks like Episodes From Liberty City (The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost & Damned) are now coming to PC and PS3.

Do PC gamers playing GTA share the same game servers as Xbox 360 console gamers?
I'll definitely be playing both when they come out this spring.

Do PC gamers playing GTA share the same game servers as Xbox 360 console gamers?
I think so, but I don't know for sure. On PC, I still had to create a Windows Live account in order to play online, so I don't see why I couldn't be playing on the same servers as the XBox gamers.
I started a thread over at Penny Arcade to find out. Apparently, no, we do not play on the same servers.
I've found out something even worse... if you have a 360 and the DLC version of TLAD and TBoGT you won't be able to play multiplayer with someone who has the 360 disc version of EFLC. Hopefully Rockstar will correct this problem.
Yeah, that's pretty fucking dumb. I hope they fix it too, even though it doesn't directly affect me.


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