What does everyone think about it?

I think that it's addicting and awesome. The graphics are amazing. The story line is interesting too.

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No but I'm thinking about it. The Trailer is cool!
I haven't started on it yet. Still too busy playing Fallout 3 (Game of the year edition).
I've got Fallout 3 in the draw waiting for a rainy day. ;)
Oh, it's going to take up a lot more time than just a rainy day. I took a whole weeks vacation when it got out, and I'm far from done with it.
I'd really like to get it, because I expect great things from Bioware's narrative-based games... the previews, though, made me hope some enterprising fan will release a graphics patch. It's so thoroughly into the uncanny valley that it could open up a community centre.
Gameplay wise, it's much closer to Knights of the Old Republic (which you should also check out, if you haven't already), with your AI companions taking a few tactical hints from Final Fantasy XII.

In short, swinging swords and casting spells haven't felt this good in quite a while.
i just started replaying it after taking time off. i got it the day it came out and couldn't stop playing until i was done. still good the second time through.
I actually like it a lot, which says a lot on the developer's part since I usually prefer games with guns. Haven't played in quite a while however, with all the new shooters that have been released recently. They really animated the characters and story line, Morrigan has the best personality of any female video game character I've seen (they usually leave the personality part out).
I like it a lot, but after maybe 15 hours I returned to my DS for some Etrian Odyssey old school grinding... :) Playing console games is perhaps a bit too much for me these days when I am so busy.
It is pretty addicting, but "the graphics are amazing" i have to disagree. Bioware games in general are awesomesauce, but they tend to lack awesome graphics.
one of my all time favorite games! ... the first one of course
I absolutely love Dragon Age


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