I thought this was particularly funny, but somehow I got linked out of nowhere from Google to a site that sells games for good Christian sheeples. It even has special tins and promos, and costs just as much.

Now, why would anyone WANT this?


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LMFAO! Going this far with a Religion = EPIC FAILISM
profit too $tories are read
time is used up; choices are controlled?
christ the commercial cover 4 organized crimes like fascism creating (cultural?) mechanisms?
manufacturing depression? fear? shock? anger? hate? some cultures/languages are good at this...

dunno what else?
hug an atheist? kiss a xtian? :P

my fav part of your link:

The best part about this is that I cannot even imagine saying "CROWN OF THORNS! ATTACKS JESUS! OH NO, 20 HP LEFT!"
Cool Preacher: "I equip my David The Rock Slinger with God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You Part 2 by KISS and attack your Gollith with my David! GO SUPER SLINGSHOT BLOW!"

Fake Ass Evangelist: "Oh no, my HP *Holy Points* will be zero! NOOOOOO!!!!!"

Well, it seems that there is a huge inventory of these things. Hm. I wonder why ...




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