Hey guys,

I'd thought I'd make a little thread (and pump a little life in this part of the forum at the same time!) about my favourite game, and pretty much the only game I play at this point. It's called League of Legends.


League of Legends is the official heir to the Warcraft III mod DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). It's completely free; you can buy for special content like skins and experience boosts but that's not necessary. Paying players don't get a gameplay advantage over non-paying ones.
It's pretty popular too (partly because it's free, partly because it's great fun): there is now a total of 4 million accounts worldwide - though obviously not all online at the same time.

Basically, the game is a 5v5 or 3v3 RPG tower defense game wherein you control a specific champion. You get 3 ordinary spells, 1 ultimate spell, and a passive; these will allow you to do damage to your enemies, protect allies, provide utility and map awareness, or various other advantages for you.
There are various towers located around the map, half of them yours and half belonging to your enemies. The goal is to push your opponents back and gain map control by destroying their towers and eventuallly their main base (the Nexus) which will win you the game. During the game you kill enemy minions and champions (champions being played by other human players), which nets you gold and experience. This in turn helps you buy items and level up to get stronger, which obviously helps you to win the game.

The cool thing is that each game only lasts about 30 minutes on average, but each game is new; you don't get any disadvantage from losing or winning the previous game, you just start over at lvl 1 with no items. You even pick a new champion at the start of each game. However, you do have a main account (your nickname, if you will) which documents how many matches you've won etcetera; and on it you can spec masteries and runes which allow you to get a little edge at the start of each game. In that sense, your account does "grow" after each game, and you gradually unlock more content.

At this point, there are about 70 different playable champions in the game, all of which are unique. Each week 10 of them will be free for you to play, but with the IP you win after each game, you can buy your favourite champions to unlock them permanently. Or alternatively you spend real money - but I don't do that a lot :P


Here's a couple of screenshots to show you what it looks like in-game:

Here's a cinematic (teaser) trailer:

And here's a gameplay trailer:

In terms of graphics, the game looks pretty but at the same time it's not all that graphic intensive. You won't be able to play it on your grandma's Windows 95, but if your computer can handle any kind of modern games, it will certainly be able to handle LoL.


I've currently played the game for a couple of months even though I've never played anything like it before; I'm generally more of an RTS/FPS kinda guy. The game is really fun, especially when you team up with friends to play. At the same time it provides more than enough strategy and planning to keep the RTS guy in me happy: the teamfight's take plenty of coordination, you need to push strategically and retreat, seize various objectives around the map, etcetera...

If you're interested in trying it out (it's free after all), use this referral link to register:
(And yes, using that link lets the game know that I'm the one who referred you, and that nets me some free IP points, woop woop :P).
You can also add me should you be on the European server: my nickname is Tankbuster92 (I'll make an account on the US servers too though). Doing a 5vs5 godless Atheist Nexus match would just be awesome :D


When you start out, do the battle tutorial and then run some practice matches (look for "5vs5 for noobs" or "5vs5 level 1" to join or something; that'll ensure you are with other new players). Alternatively, you can play against AI bots to get used to teh game. The first one or two matches can be a little intimidating, because while the game is pretty simple and relatively straightforward, the initial learning curve is a little steep: until you know at least a little bit about the free characters that week, you might find yourself getting stomped around a match or two because you don't know what abilities they have :P

There's also various guides for noobs on the official forums, and you can always go to www.mobafire.com to find guides and item suggestions for the champion you choose to play.

Have fun :)

P.S. If there are any people already playing it and who'll start playing it, add me! Tankbuster92 is my nickname.

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I want to second that this game is a blast. If you're interested in competitive gaming, too, IIRC LoL is a WCG game, so there's that. 


Feel free to add me if you're looking for a Taric/Morgana. My username's "Bayleef".

Is LoL compatible with mac? How is it different from Dota 2?
I don't think Riot games (production company) has officially brought out a version, but there are definitely ways to go about that.

This guide seems relatively easy for instance
And reading a little further it appears that there's currently a beta version operational for people in the US :)

As for DOTA 2, I'm not quite sure how it differs (never played it DOTA) but judging from those who have, they're both different games within the same genre.




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