Just wanted to know what game releases people are looking forward to in the coming year.

Personally I'll be looking forward to the remake of the original Half Life on PC.

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Yeah, I remember reading about Dragon Age several years ago as well. There was an article about it in Game Informer not too long ago. It looks like it might have a Baldur's Gate feel to it. Also, Bionic Commando comes out on the 10th.
I'm crossing my fingers on the thought that it may be like BG. I'm a little concerned though that it may be a little too open-ended (Fable, Oblivion, etc.) for my preference. Don't get me wrong, I liked those games a lot but I am a D&D girl at heart and sort of like the stronger central storylines, (as well as very well-developed NPCs) you know?
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and the European release of Final Fantasy Dissidia are both due for the later half of 09.
GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage
Resident Evil 5? I have personally beaten Resident Evil 4 on both GC and PS2 around... i lost track around 30 times, not to mention assignment ada and mercenaries...

Starcraft Deux! I have been playing the original for around six years, and during the summer I tend to spend 14 hours playing, 10 hours sleeping and only taking breaks to eat and excrete. Very hesitant, I tend to dislike 3D RTS's.

Diablo Trois! Basically anytime during a summer where I wasn't playing SC, i was playing D2.

BTW: I have personally run through two copies of Diablo II, 2 of the exppac, 4 copies of SC, 3 of BW, and my GC broke before my RE4 did -> after it broke I just got it for the PS2.
Riddick (which I saw was out), a Fallout 3 expansion for PS3, Witcher for the consols, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Silent hill for the Wii...
and my mind blanks there.

I hope to hear news for another KotOR 3. and another Oblivion expansion or sequal.
I can feel my wallet getting thinner just imagining the hardware upgrades I'm going to have to do to my PC to play some of these.
I wish I even had my pc back. I lent it to my brother cause his laptop fried.
hell the upgrades right now would break a grand. we only have my income right now sadly.
I can't wait for Halo 3 ODST, but I'd like to have a go at that Half Life re-make.
Dragon Age: Origins. I have been waiting years for this game to come out. Personally, I believe that Bioware has made some of the best games in history, and I hope this won't be an exception.

Oh, and I'm also looking forward to Starcraft II.
I'm currently wanting to play ODST, but I run through so many games, it's hard to say that any one specific game is the most awaited.
I'll have ODST in about 3 hours though, so I guess there's nothing I really have to have.


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