So, I just finished just about everything in Fallout 3, and it inspired me to replay Oblivion.

I started a new file(With an optimal build for maximizing stats by around level 40.), and wondered how many gamers here still play?

I'm running a Stealth-oriented Wood Elf at the moment. My first character was a Melee-heavy Redguard, and I completed nearly every quest with him.

This file will more than likely just be for chaotic fun.

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I wish you a good time.

I haven't even started Oblivion (or Fallout) yet. I'm still busy finding out new and exciting ways to kill street preachers in GTA IV...
I've always been a big fan of the elder scrolls games. There is a unbeatable website to find all the info you could ever imagine for oblivion. hope this will be a good resource to fellow oblivion players :D
Wow just to be safe I clicked on my own link for some reason it sent me to some utah education site so this should fix the problem
I just started replaying too. Yesterday I made a High Elf Mage named Pardu(Hope you get the refrence LOL).
Heh. I played Oblivion once and I was awful at it. There was a guy I was supposed to go meet after I got out of the sewer, forgot his name, and I forgot how to talk to people, so I just clicked him. After I had accidently drawn my weapon.

Ive been replaying Oblivion too. Im playing a female Redguard stealthy fighter (her name is Kendra). Ive never been good at the game, i love playing stealth characters but im terrible at them (im too law abiding). Doing the Dark Brotherhood quests and getting through them them for the first time.

Hope you fun with your new Charcter Oblivion is a awesome game.
I am on my second run through Fallout 3 right now, and Ive played Oblivion 3 times already.
I love the freedom, you can't beat being able to do anything and everything you want. I just wish the spells were easier to use. I never got into the magics of the game, Ive always been a fighter with limited magic use.

Though this next time I am going to see how fast I can max out everything. wish me luck!
That's so awesome there are so many Oblivion fans. I've been playing it forever. I haven't even finished the story line yet. I'm completely amused just roaming around in the world interacting with the stories of the town folk and such. One of these days I'll have to follow the story line and play it all the way through.

I would die happy if Oblivion had multiplayer capability (no not mmo style) just co op or something so you could have your buddy explore the world with you. Maybe the next one will? I can dream right?

I've spent far too much of my life playing Oblivion. My most recent character started out as a sneaky archer type, but ended up being a very adept generalist. By levelling pedantically (concentrating only on the primary stats which required the levels and avoiding ANY wasted advancement in any other skill), I maxed out all of the primary stats except for Luck which topped out at 87 IIRC. At that point it becomes a very straightforward game where you can kill ogres with a slap.

The character was also female - a Breton. I've always found that with RPGs, whenever I play as a male character I am far too gung-ho and die fairly quickly/often. If I play as a female character I feel far more protective of her and end up having far better judgement in battle situations. The male animal in me also appreciates the aesthetics of a female character and I find powerful women attractive.

There's an insight into my nature you all probably didn't need lol. ;-)


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