Do you ever feel that the impact of our favorite games has almost the impact of religion?

Recently, I went on a blind triple-date. Everyone was Mormon. So very, very Mormon. My guy was confused at my feminism (forbid I tell him I was an atheist, geesh). The girls found they didn't have much to say, and took to making dough for the pizza. The other girl's date, somehow got onto the subject of games. I think I may have mentioned Pokemon-- the bag I brought had Pikachu on it, and let me say it was frugging adorable. Then Final Fantasy came up. I showed them the little Cloud  keychain I had attached to my car keys. That's all well and good, but it was mostly "guy-talk" that I was trying to relate to, and naturally the other girls did not even try. Then, somehow, he brought up Chrono Trigger. CHRONO TRIGGER! That was my CHILDHOOD! I adored that game... And somehow, although that wasn't MY date, and naturally I knew it didn't matter, and we'd likely never see each other again and I didn't mind, I felt more comfortable. Less like a freak who really shouldn't be there. Really shouldn't be in a house where they bless pizza. Ouch. I felt so disconnected because of religion, but we did have something in common. Something. Something other than sports or favorite color or something that could not be less important to me.

So, have video games ever been important enough to help you connect to someone else? Are they part of your daily life, have you met people playing video games who you're embarrassed to say are some of your best friends? Kind of an odd subject... but... I'm an odd person I guess.

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haha thats an interesting glitch lol
I LOVE cooking mama! But everyone else in the house says it's dumb and for little kids :'(
lol, I usually just associate it with people who like cooking and learning recipes.
Unfortunately not. I've lost contact with a lot of friends since becoming a parent and even of those friends none of them are into gaming as much as I am. I've tried to get friends interested in gaming but the few whom I was actually able to get a controller in their hands quit way too soon due to frustration with being new and sucking. I wasn't getting impatient with them or treating them negatively. In fact I encouraged them but they just gave up trying. So I mostly talk gaming online with other fans either thru websites devoted to gaming or on Xbox Live.

However I have an ex who at the time of our relationship was a Catholic who is now agnostic is very into gaming although she and I have different tastes. She likes FPS and I prefer 3rd person action adventures. I wanted to get back together with her but she's not interested in dating anyone. She actually lives with the father of her kid although there is no emotional or physical intimacy between them and she likes it because living with a guy keeps other guys from asking her out as much.

But I digress. I'd love nothing more than to find a female atheist gamer who likes kids. I'm not getting into a relationship with religious people anymore. They don't work.
I don't think it's odd at all to be comforted by common ground, especially when that common ground is particularly beloved. For example, I got to know my friend's new boyfriend through discussing MMORPGs.

That's kind of what this website is, though, isn't it? A place where we know we all have at least one thing in common.


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