PETA slams Mario over suit

PETA is angry at Mario's new game "Super Mario 3D Land" over the reemergence off the Tanooki suit.  They're so angry that they've created a 2D internet game in which you play as a skinned Tanooki dog and must hunt down Mario and get back your fur.  Like the old saying goes; fight fire with copyright infringement.

My advice to PETA, get a grip!  There are plenty of other reasons to get mad at Nintendo such as creating a games in which you must stomp on the heads of live animals to kill them, use turtle shells as bowling balls, and indulge in animal-fighting and puppy mills (see "Pokemon").

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Screw PETA, the Tanooki suit was my alltime favorite mario power up!

A lot of what PETA does is just look for things that will spark media conversations about issues they cover. I don't think they really care much about the fur suit in a new Mario game, but if they can use that to get people to consider the issue of fur farms and trapping, they will. It makes a lot of people roll their eyes, but over the years it has managed to get people to be aware of issues they may never have given a second throught to. They seem to take the tack of "all publicity is good publicity."

"By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it's OK to wear fur."


Really? I guess that Call of Duty is sending the message that it's OK to kill people? There is a difference between fantasy and reality, it is unfitting for a healthy mind to blur that distinction.


Besides, video games are also responsible for useful stuff like preparing people for the coming Zombie Apocalypse and Alien Invaders.


They are just mad that they cant turn into a stone statue at will.

Did Mario skin any tanookis in his adventure?

Obviously, they haven't yet tipped to Red Dead Redemption.  You can kill a critter, skin it (leaving the skinned carcass lying on the ground in all its gory splendor) and then go sell the skin.

Really? Damn, I just made a bloody mess of all critters and attempted to teabag them.

Yeah I agree with you Chris.  PETA really needs to get a grip.


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