Hey everyone, hopefully I don't violate any tos here, that's not my intent. I did read the Tos and it seemed subjective but this seems an appropriate place to put this so here goes.

If any of you have a PS3 and are familiar with Home you might wanna check out this new club that my buddy created. We realized that on the Sony boards' official Home clubs list there are a few Christian clubs but no Atheist ones. I'm not implying that Sony banned Atheist clubs or anything, just that there needs to be an Atheist club. So we created it and pitched it on the official boards, not just to get on the Clubs list but to meet new Atheists and chat with them in a real time virtual environment. Home despite being generally boring IMO, becomes great fun with the right company.

I encourage you guys to help us build this into something. Go to the link and post your support for the club, contact my buddy Madrizzle1 and request to join. Remember we wanna promote positive Atheism and be sure not to escalate the thread into a religous debate as it'll get instantly locked. :( Support the cause! :)

Okay I'll shut up and link ya lol. http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=...

Btw my Psn is Reality_Based if ya wanna contact me or just be friendly. Thx for considering guys :)

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First off, welcome to A|N and awesome idea.

When I get my PS3, I'll join up for sure and I don't think the normal TOS aplies here. The group is for video games and your disscusion is on subject and I myself see it as helping Atheism too so... don't worry. The mods are cool here as long as your not trolling or spamming, I know 1 or 2 myself. ;)
Hey Alex thanks for the welcome and the response! :)

Yea shoot me a friend request as soon as ya get ur PS3. In the mean time take care ;)
Got my ps3 and my psn, expect a request from:

Hey I will definitely add you in my ps3 account. I use home a lot, we can be atheist buddies!
add me as well ( I just joined the group a few days ago ) names OmenSign
Thx Chad an Joel for joining the club :). It's been fun running around on Home with ya guys. Hopefully we can get more people so it starts feeling like a club so to speak lol. Once we get more we can start brainstorming ideas on what kind of events we could hold and such. We're all in on this together so let's just wing it as we go.

Oh yea update on our thread on the official boards. Unfortunately it got locked for no good reason besides it could 'potentially' be deemed offensive and or ignite a flame war. They could have waited until it met those qualifications. The thread had been nothing but civil :/ Meh, at least the club is on the clubs list though so people can still see we exist.




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