Post a list of your platforms and gamer tags. Don't forget to include GameCenter if you've got an i-Device.

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Here's a link to my Steam profile.

On both Xbox Live and PSN, I'm ObiWannnabe (with three N's, since the version with two N's was already taken). However, I should point out that despite really liking games I'm pretty bad at them. Maybe I'm just too old to have the necessary reflexes...



PSN & Games for Windows Live: tusixoh

xbox my tag is: dubhghall

I suck at most games I play, but if you want a meat shield, I'm the girl ya want!

Xbox 360

Gamertag: DeafAtheist
I go by TheOneMavado on Xbox Live. I don't play much online though...

Link to my Steam profile: ;)

Xbox Live I'm TerraDelu, and PSN I'm TerraDelu1.let's be friends!


Currently a limited bit of things I play. Waiting on a new gaming rig before I go crazy.
My gamer tag is Cryha and I usually only play PC games online.




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