Post a list of your platforms and gamer tags. Don't forget to include GameCenter if you've got an i-Device.

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I recently bought myself a PS3 so now I am on both Xbox and PS3. Anyone wants to add me I am DeafAtheist on both consoles.

Steam ID: jsimons23

link Here

PSN: fourbillionyears, look me up, though I don't have any online games for ps3 just yet, give me some time.

I am on Xbox Live and PSN my username is AcaiazZ on both.  I love multiplayer though I am not the best player but I am still not the worst :)

PSN tag = Chezzarini

I'm currently engrossed in Battlefield 3.

XBL: DebutantesBeard. Mostly doing Mass Effect 3 multi-player (too much fun) and being a sad buddy with how much Cutie on Duty I've been playing. Beats going out and scowling at things.

I'm Steph S on Steam -- sending out invites

Godless Gamers has a group on Steam -- here is the link

I'm in the group -- add me!

Derek I'm on Steam and I'll add you as friend. Godless Gamers has a group on Steam and I'm a member.




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