Post yours here. My gamertag is FreeJon. Send me a request. It would be nice to play with some intelligent people for a change.

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Gamertag: Atheist Dude

Games:gears of war 2,modern warfare 2,halo 3, ace combat 6 and alot more.
Gamertag: honeycupcake
Console: PS3
3 Favorite Games (In order of preference): OBLIVION, LittleBigPlanet, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
gamertag: pharyngulac
currently playing:
- Gears of War 2
and some other random games
Xbox 360: X Geist Recon X
PS3: XHellXGeistX

I have too many "favorites" to just pick three. I prefer shooters, sci-fi and military games.

more PS3 love Hall! =)
ben playing the COD's for a while zombies anyone?
new map pack for Modern Warfare 2 dropped
God of War for sure and feel like I have to mention Metal Gear Solid. over the hole franchise im sure theres thousands and thousands of hours spent, lol

Fear was great, Fallout as well.
3 fav Games: MW2,DW:SF,DW6:e


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