Rockstar Games has implemented a new Crew system which will carry over across upcoming Rockstar game titles. It has already been announced that it will start with Max Payne 3 and continue with GTA V. If anyone is a member of Rockstar Social Club or plans to purchase either or both of those games then please feel free to join the Crew I started for atheist gamers. You can find it here...

Each Social Club member can join up to 5 crews so if you want to join other crews as well feel free to do so. 

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Also if anyone joins and wants to take a stab at making a better emblem for the crew please feel free as I am hardly an artistic person.

I play all 3rd party games on my Xbox 360, but the crew is open to both PS3 and Xbox players as well as PC.  

I'll look into that .. looks like fun!


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