I've been beta testing SWTOR for 2 months and now, with the NDA lifted, I can say what I want about it although I'm sure that anyone here who is really interested in it has already read and watched the reviews and walk-throughs. I will say this; I love this blasted game! If you liked WoW, Mass Effect, or Knights of the Old Republic you're going to love this.


After 7 years and 3 guilds I'm convinced that having an openly atheistic/freethinkers guild is the way to go. I've been searching for the right guild but, well, we all know how easy it is to herd cats right? There was a bit of interest on the SWTOR forums but I haven't found any guilds ready for deployment. For a guild to be deployed upon release it needs to have 4 members that have pre-ordered although it's not a requirement. All it takes is 4 people at any time to group up and start a guild after release. Is anyone here interested? Anyone going to order or pre-ordered already?


Please feel free to fire any questions at me!






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I don't know any groups like that. I know two guilds, one Republic and one Sith, are already at their 500 member limits and making 'side guilds' because they're still getting more members! They are based on the Spoonyone, and Angeryjoe. You can look them up if you don't know who they are.

I personally can't wait for the game, just because of the RP, that I hope, will be in this MMORPG. It is the only reason I ever really get on wow anymore. Yes I'm such a loser. XP Still can't wait for this, so I can enjoy it long enough to play the story at the least.

Mmm, yes.  The RP is going to be fun, though I'm already worried that Nar Shaddaa is going to be like Goldshire on meth.  Seriously, even just questing there, I felt like they should issue a full body condom on docking.


I am hoping they'll have RP servers up and running, because that's generally where I go to.

They will.

Oh yeah, and if you're gonna play, we should play on the same server :)

Totally. And as for Nar Shaddaa, sounds fun! I loved being that one Horde guy just chillin' in that one place in the Inn the guards can't get to.

Sadly I was late on my preorder, I'm getting the normal edition at best, if I'm lucky someone will forget to pick up their collector's edition. T^T I hope someone does.

8 Stories! Each class has their own storyline.


There are quite a few guilds that have reached cap and branched out already. I'm so damned picky about guilds, though, that I feel like Goldilocks. I don't like getting lost in a large crowd but I definitely want there to be enough people to run with whenever I get online. I like to have some responsibility but not so much that it takes away from my enjoyment of the game. I could go on... the only thing that I really can't stand is the drama and it's revolved around religion often enough that I'd rather just be in a non- or anti-religious guild. Besides, it would be a good way to, uh, spread the message. Heh.

I've already had my preorder in since they opened them up.  Likewise got to play in the beta and fell in love.  I'll be rolling a Jedi Consular (Sage) and my long standing partner in crime will be reprising his role as my pocket tank.  We have plans to set up a guild, hopefully grabbing some people who understand how to play. I've got a small personal ventrilo server that I'll be upgrading so that there's decent voice chat available for people who like to hang out.  I'm lazy in that I'd rather talk than type, so the majority of my gaming conversation occurs in voip.


Unfortunately a guild like what you're wanting would exclude us both.  I wouldn't have an issue with it, but I've got friends who are religious, and that includes my tank.  I'm not willing to sacrifice being in a guild with my friends over my personal beliefs.  In most guilds I've been in, nobody gives two shits about religion, as we're all there to game first and foremost.  Personally, I'd rather go for a guild that excludes some of the bigger MMO pet peeves I have.  That would include people who speak in "txt", drama whores, loot whores, girl gamers who think having tits entitles them to everything, douchebag guild leaders, etc.  Actually, now that I look at that list, I could sum it up by saying "people who generally play MMOs" and save a lot of time...

I feel ya. I'm the tank and my pocket heals decided he wanted to go play RL... :( The guild I just left behind to waste my life on the SWTOR beta is thinking about ditching that "other" mmo and coming over to the dark side. They were great. The only problem I had with them is that they moved a little slow, heheh. I guess this is a classic case of wanting my cake and eating it, too.

Yeah, no drama...  that's the worst.

Usually I play with an older crowd and they like to bring up religion and politics regardless of policy. Maybe I should stick with the twenty-somethings; they don't seem to give shit as much. Or maybe I should just take my ball and go home. ;P

Yeah, tank & I ditched that back in January, when we determined that Cata had killed it.  5 levels isn't enough to keep anyone happy for long, among the myriad of other issues that existed.

I've bounced around to different games in the interim.  This is, literally, my last ditch effort on an MMO.  If this doesn't work, I quit forever. 

We're pretty progression oriented as a pair and both of us are in our 30s.  The people we'll be bringing to play are of a like mindset.  Heh, no topics are off limits for discussion.  It's just that it's never mattered who believed what to any extent.  In our first guild together, we debated so much that they gave us our own vent channel just so nobody else had to listen.  Neither of us have gotten better in the interim.

We're min/max players who love to theorycraft and really just tear things up.  I've done everything in an MMO capacity (dps, heals, tank, support) while he's great for dps and decent for tanking (his largest problem is that he isn't situationally aware and has terrible direction sense).  Our biggest problem is going to be finding people who really want progression, not people who want progression handed to them.


Of course, I love RP servers, so we kind of stack the deck against ourselves at the outset because I don't like PVE servers.

Okay, my friends and I are putting the groundwork in place to start our guild.  Everyone's welcome to join up if they'd like. It won't be atheist only, so if that's your thing you'll probably be happier elsewhere.  However, I've been gaming with these guys for a while and am pretty open about my (lack of) belief and nobody cares.  It's going to be open to people with brain cells to spare, primarily. As a group, most of us are late 20s, early 30s, though as long as someone meshes well, age isn't an issue at all.  We've got a desire to do endgame so that is very much on the table.  There is a high likelihood that we'll park on an RP server, as many of us are also RPers.

The guild name is Boska, Huttese for "Let's go!"

If you're interested, just let me know and I'll post more details as we get things finalized.

Looks like this post is pretty old but is Boska still around?

I am looking for an atheist guild and I would be super stoked to join.

I'm a level 30 DPS


Boska is dead, not unlike most of TOR.  The game really suffered, losing about 300-400k subscriptions per quarter.  Most days it was difficult to even find enough people to do anything, and our raiding group recently disbanded because about 70% of our group moved on to Guild Wars 2.  I don't even log in to TOR anymore.  I wish you luck though :)




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