I've been beta testing SWTOR for 2 months and now, with the NDA lifted, I can say what I want about it although I'm sure that anyone here who is really interested in it has already read and watched the reviews and walk-throughs. I will say this; I love this blasted game! If you liked WoW, Mass Effect, or Knights of the Old Republic you're going to love this.


After 7 years and 3 guilds I'm convinced that having an openly atheistic/freethinkers guild is the way to go. I've been searching for the right guild but, well, we all know how easy it is to herd cats right? There was a bit of interest on the SWTOR forums but I haven't found any guilds ready for deployment. For a guild to be deployed upon release it needs to have 4 members that have pre-ordered although it's not a requirement. All it takes is 4 people at any time to group up and start a guild after release. Is anyone here interested? Anyone going to order or pre-ordered already?


Please feel free to fire any questions at me!






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Blasted I am really bummed to hear that.  My name is Archangelo if anyone ever wants to do group stuff.

I finally got a hold of TOR today so if anyone can recommend a server and guild I would love to join you!

There's plenty of action on "The Harbinger" server, if RP isn't your thing, and Gunbad is a very chill guild there. I will be joining them today or tomorrow. My dreams of a guild like "Alderaan Atheists" never came to fruition :(

In game name is "Strangel" so friend me if ya pop in there!

My friendsI are on the Ebon Hawk RP server Republic side. I don't think anyone got people together as a group.
I started my toon on Ebon Hawk. Names Cryha so feel free to friend me and maybe we can play sometime!
Awesome! I'm usually on my main, Kyue, or my alt, Iya'ne. We can help you get set up with gear, mods, ship parts and other good stuff.

My S.O. plays SWTOR and is in an atheist guild made up of friends from a Skeptic site forum. I'll check to see if they're "recruiting".

Also, if anybody knows a Mac user who wants to play SWTOR on a Mac, drop me a line here if you/they need help getting started. I know some good tweaks for running it smoothly in Bootcamp; on borderline spec machines.

(disclaimer: I don't play SWTOR, I just do the geek/hacking stuff)

Do realize that playing times are probably going to be all over the place with this guild as they're  an international bunch, so their may be many different times one can put together a 4 character team. I brought it up with her this morning, she's going to ask the group (S.O. is a big fan of group consensus/dynamics), if they want some atheist recruits. I'm thinking yes. When she let's me know, I'll post the guild info here.

Bryan did you ever find and atheist guild?  I am looking for the same thing, I'm willing to start a new one.



Hi Everyone! New to the site and this group! I play Swtor and would love to join an Atheist guild :) 

Lvl 50 Jugg Tank, lvl 50 Imperial Op, lvl 41 BH-Merc, and a 22 Sorc-assassin. I am on the Harbringer Server. I am currently in a Guild called Peace is a lie. If your interested in joining or just chatting in game feel free to add me to friends :) 

Toon names, Darkseegan,Evilseegan,Ruffstuff and Sorcererseegan! 

Happy Gaming!!

Mike I'm really glad to hear that b/c I am actually on Harbringer as well!

My name is Archangelo on there, level 35 DPS.  I will try to find you next time and add you.  Tell me more about Peace is a lie?


Started playing again with the f2p patch. Played for free for about an hour and then re-subbed  Forgot how much I loved this game! I'm on The Harbinger, too, (have been since launch). Main is Strangel - 50 PT tank, An'Druyan - 42 PT dps (pvp mostly), Bilibob'Dawkins - 40 Mara dps (used to be just "Dawkins"  ;) but server mergers....), and Einstein'x - 40 Sorc heals. Handful of others, too. Guild got scrapped somewhere between 1.3 and 1.5 so I'm currently a free agent.




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