So the game finally has a release date, the 27th of July which I think is right around what people were expecting.

Any fellow ANers planning to play this game when it comes out?

I'm VERY stoked on trying the new Galaxy Editor... apparently it's the most advanced map editor ever released for any game in history. It supposedly has near endless capabilities... here is an example of an actual custom map in action:


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I LOVE this game. I played the first one pretty seriously, and now I'm playing the beta (I pre-ordered :3).

The game still feels like Starcraft - it's still just as fast-paced, the battles are as big, and I like the way a lot of the new units work.There have been a lot of improvements to the UI that I really enjoy, too - like the hotkeys have been rearranged so that they're centered close to your left hand, you can set one rally point for workers and a second for your other units, you can have a control group of over a hundred units now (and tab through different kinds of units for easy access to their spells). As a Zerg player, I really appreciate the large control groups, lol.

Some people haven't been thrilled by the graphics, and I agree that on the lowest settings it can look pretty lame - but if you're able to turn to settings up, IMO it's just as spectacular as the first SC. Some people have said that the buildings are hard to differentiate, but I remember the same thing happening when people started out the first SC (as well as other RTS games), and in my experience it's just a matter of practice and getting used to the way they look.

Some people have been upset at the lack of LAN support. I think the problem was that the first Starcraft came out before the rise of LAN and as a result couldn't handle multiple players from a single IP, but that's been fixed in SCII. I've played a bunch of games with my brother through over the same router without any issues. So, you can still have your LAN parties, it's just that you'll organize them through instead of a separate LAN menu now. IMO, that's an improvement, since now you have the option of playing with fellow LAN'ers over, not just each other, and can play in ranked matches (ranked matches are basically the same as Ladder matches from before, the difference is that now you get assigned to a rank and can join a queue to automatically play against someone of your own rank - it's a LOT less hassle and less prone to abuse than the last setup).

So basically, I am really really happy with this game, lol.
As I said before, I'm a Zerg player, so I don't know much about how Protoss play has changed - but I've noticed that Zerg play is almost completely different now. Getting rid of Lurkers, adding Roaches, making Hydralisks tier 2, making Overlords non-detector units, almost completely changing how creep works... it's really cool for me, because it's like learning a whole new game when you already know how half of it works, lol.

In some ways, I think Zerg is more like other races now, due to the Lurker/Roach swap, but creep buffs with the new Overlords brings back some of the mechanics in some ways: i.e. the only "siege unit" that Zerg had before were Lurkers, which made them so important for containment, but in replacement for Lurkers, you can lay down creep and give your units a movement buff (which also gives them more attack, since they spent more time fighting and less time running). Plus, this lets you lay down Nydus canals basically anywhere in late-game, which changes a lot of things. On the other hand, now that Zerg finally have a basically cloakable unit that can move while undetectable, it puts more pressure on your enemies to actually get detectors up.

Lol, I could go on and on vis-a-vis the strategy changes/additions to the game, at least for Zerg. I never was super-good at map editing, but my brother is really excited about that, since he used to make a bunch of UMS maps.
I love SC and WOW, i've stopped on the wow until the new expansion comes out and i wasnt able to get the beta for SC but ive probably played sc for thousands of hours =) i wipped it out a couple months ago and played threw the campaigns again. crazy how we can still remember exactly what happens in them huh?
I bet they are loosing people... Im sure just korea alone will support the release of SC, lol. Im not sure how I feel about the 3 different releases seams like marketing crap to me but im sure each will have a hole game feel to them. I trust blizzard to make it worth it.
I kinda wonder why they'd be worried about losing money, though - I mean, Blizzard already makes more money than most countries, so how much more could they need? :P
The point of the "expansions" is to that they can get the game out as soon as possible. The game is ready(mostly) but they want to make the single player campaigns as good as possible. If they tried to bring them all at once we wouldnt see the game for years, if ever. This way we can get the game in a timely fashion, while still working on finishing the campaigns. They have always done this, now it just seems like more of a plan has been made.
Ahh I see, makes sense that they are working on the story line stuff. I couldn't figure out how the game could be playable but not done. thanks!
its pretty ridiculous at what point do they do it for the love?
Much agreed, good points
great looking forward to this!! any one know or have an idea what the spec's for this might be??
If you're using a steamputer like my baby brother that can barely play WOW with the settings turned up, then SCII is going to have to have all the settings turned off for you to play it. If you have a newer computer, though, then it shouldn't be a problem - I got my computer a few years ago and I can run it fine, even with all the settings at maximum (to be more specific, I have a plain quad-core running at about 2.2 Ghz, an average 512 MB gfx card, 2 GB of ram, running at 1680x1050 on Windows XP).
im thinking like WOW you will be able to play it on anything, it will just look more 2d on lesser comps (LIKE MINE)



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