Just wanted to get a place for us to share our handles and make friends.

What games do you play on Steam?

So post here and we can add you as our friend.

Here is a link to the group: I'm a member ...add me!


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I am mentalkitty789 on steam with the handle of Yokoshima.

I play all kinds of games on there, FPS, RPG, RTS, I'm not all that picky.

If you want to add me as a friend be my guest.

Hi Jake -- you are on my friend list! So glad to have you as my Steam friend.

Thank you kindly. You said this was for everyone and all that so I thought it a good idea to post my handle on here. ^^

Yes - very good idea Jake! We will make more friends.

I'm Jangle Leg on Steam. As far as multiplayers, I play GTA4 and Team Fortress 2.

I added you Jangle Leg

Any one else?

I'm just an FPS kinda' guy. I'm beerijuana, on Steam. I signed up late Dec. '11 and played a few rounds of "Left4Dead".  

I quickly discovered OnLive soon after going on Steam and I haven't been back (I'm beerijuana on OnLive as well). I've become addicted to Borderlands G.O.T.Y. Sooo… if you're on OnLive and a resident of the planet Pandora, I have two characters leveled up to the high 20's. 

If anybody likes to shoot zombies (Steam - "Left4Dead"), PM me here on AN. 

I added you -- I also play Left 4 Dead!

Cool, …are you a night owl by chance?

Yes, I usually stay up late.

I haven't logged in there in a while, I have to check which operating system I'm using for it (L4D), …probably Windows 7. I've since picked up a Razor Nostomo speed pad and a Kensington Expert Mouse trackball that I'll have to map/program for Steam. Might take a day (or two) until I can get around to it...


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