What games are you most looking forward to that haven't yet been released?

I'm looking forward the most to Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Dead Redemption. I've pre-ordered both thru Gamestop.

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Oh man... Of course there's Mass Effect 2 coming out pretty soon but the one that I've been waiting more than a year for is Alpha Protocol. Of course there's also the 2010 UFC and Fight Night games and the next Call of Duty which will be historical again, perhaps Korea or Veit Nam. :drools:

The Last Guardian for the PS3 is at the top of my list. I'm also looking forward to Half-Life 2 Episode 3 (if that ever comes out), and Metro 2033 looks really interesting to me. But I've still got a pile of games I ought to get to first before worrying about stuff that isn't out yet!
Beyond Good And Evil 2? Quest For Glory 6? A King's Quest 8 that isn't balls on toast?
Mass Effect 2 can't come fast enough, but other than that, I'm currently mostly looking forward to Diablo III and Fallout: New Vegas.
Splinter Cell: conviction! Looks great on all the vids I've seen.
Agreed... it looks like they've completely changed the game and made it 100 times better. Even the co-op looks great. Seems that they've pushed the release date off to April tho. It was supposed to be coming out in February.
Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno. Ugh, wish it was February 9th already!
i 2'nd everything you said!
Bioshock 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Dead Redemption for sure. The eventual arrival of Dead Space 2 gets my nethers all crunked, or whatever it is kids say in the aughts.
Dante's Inferno, Heavy Rain, and God of War 3
Those of you who are planning to get Red Dead Redemption and Splinter Cell: Conviction and have Gold Xbox Live accounts feel free to add me if you want someone to play multiplayer with. My Gamertag is the same as my SN here: DeafAtheist


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